Sound Correspondences
Sound Symbolizes Color
Classical music Tradition, legacies Dark green
Bells Protection, messages, focus Silver or gold
Chimes Time, cycles, omens Pale yellow or gold
Clapping Excitement, happiness Bright orange
Crackling Fire element, energy Blue or red
Drumming Safety, trance, communication, shamanic work, luck Red
Echo Omens and signs, surrounding yourself with energy Grey
Gong White-silver
Humming Shifting vibrations, heightening energy Low pitched: brown, high pitched: green
Rain stick Water element, peace, harmony Blue
Religious music Faith, inspiration Purple
Silence Introspection Pastels or white
Song Appeasing the gods, emotional expression
Tambourine Spirit communication Silverish
Trumpet Announcements, the four elements Brass
Vowels Toning, mantras, chanting
Wind chimes Air elements, fairies Pale blue
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