Songs and Chants


12 Days of Yuletide
13 Days of Yuletide
31 Hymns to the Star Goddess
A Pagan Child's ABCs
A Pagan Child's Lullaby
A Solstice Night
A Song to the Goddess
A Tree Song
All Through the Night
Amazing Grace
An Erisian Hymn
Areia Daphnaia's Lost Homeric Hymns
Artesian Waters
Away from the Harvest
Away with the Spirits
Ballad of Crowfoot
Banishments and Balefires
Battle Hymn of the Eristocarcy
Bedlam Bells
Blessed Be Again
Bridal Blessing Song
Brighid’s Song
Bring Us in Good Ale
Burning Times
Cambrian Dream
Candle Magick Song
Carol of the Bells
Celtic Circle Dance
Christmas Time is Pagan
Cup of Wonder
Dance in the Circle
Dancing in a Wiccan Wonderland
Demeter's Hymn
Dissolve into You
Drum the Sun
Fairies Love Song
Ghosties We Have Heard on High
Glory to the New Born King
God Rest Ye Merry, Paganfolk
God Rest Ye Merry Spirits
Green Grow the Rushes Oh!
Halloween Carol - Deck the Halls
Hark the Nature Spirits Sing
Hark the Neo-Pagans Sing
Harp Song to the Dane Women
Have Yourself a Merry Little Solstice
Heretic Heart
Holly She Bears a Berry
Homo Lupus
Horn Song
Humphrey the Blue-Nosed Pumpkin
Hymn for Harvest Home
Hymn to Ares
Hymn to Osiris
Hymn to Pan
Hymn to Ra the Sun God
I Walk the Unfrequented Road
I Will Meet You There
In a Casting Circle
John Barleycorn
Join in the Dance
Joy to the World
Kill a Tree
Lady in the Shadow
Lady of the Flowing Waters
Lammas Night
Let it be a Dance
Let the Circle be Unbroken
Lord of the Ants
Lord of the Dance
Moon of Silver
Moon Tanka
Mother Berta's Coming to Town
Night of Magick
O Skeletons!
Oak, Ash and Thorn
Obligatory Solutions
Oh, Come, All Ye Faithful!
Oh Little Grove Beneath the Moon
On the First Day of Halloween
Our Lady Greensleeves
Power Animal Song
Pumpkin Carols
Ra Hoor Khuit's Coming to Earth
Rosin the Bow
Sacred Earth Mother
Scarborough Fair
Share the Circle
Share the Light
Shivery Yells
Silent Night
Silver Moon
Sing Me a Wiccan Song
Song of the God
Song of the Goddess
Song of the Goddess
Song of the White Witch of the Gospel
Song of the Witch
Song to the Earth and Sun
Spiral Butterfly
Spirit Wonderland
Spooky Night
Staine's Morris
Stand Up, Stand Up for Odin
Summer is Icumen in
Sun King
The Albion Song
The Awakening
The Ballad of Aidan Kelley
The Ballad of Casey Diess
The Bard Song
The Beltane Chase
The Broken Circle
The Childish Edda
The Circle
The Circle Song
The Circled Pines
The False Knight Upon the Road
The Female Drummer Boy
The First Halloween
The Grim Reaper is Coming to Town
The High Holiday Song
The Lady's Brothel
The Maiden's Song
The Mid-Winter Skyclad Blues
The Pace Egging Song
The Parting Song
The Prettiest One
The Rain Gently Falling
The Real Old Time Religion
The Rigs O'Barley
The Season's Circle Turning
The Song of Amergin
The Song of Wandering Aengus
The Sun Returns
The Thong of Thor
The Valkyrie Song
The Wassail Song
The Wiccan-Shaman-Druid Song
The Witches Ballad
The Wren
T'was the Night Before Samhain
Two Magicians
Untitled 1
Untitled 2
Untitled 3
Untitled 4
Waltz Wave 1- Earth Children
Waltz Wave 2- The Goddess Sees
We are the Queens of Heaven and Earth
We are Witches All
We Three Ghosts
We Wish You a Happy Solstice
When the Sun Comes Up Again
Wicca…the Way
Wiccan Handfasting Song
Wind's Four Quarters
Winter Carol
Witches' Rune
Ye Children of Mother Earth


15 Chants
A Beauty Chant
A Call of Nine
A Chant for Good Health and Well Being
A Chant for Help
A Chant for Protection
A Chant to Find What's Lost
A Cleansing Chant
A Fairy Chant
A Gathering Chant
Air I Am
Alchemical Chant for Manifestation
All Beings of the Earth
Aum Shivaya Vashi
Autumn Chant
Bedtime Chant
Beltane Chant
Besom Chant
Better Business
Between the Worlds
Birthing Chant
Blood of the Ancients
Bringers of the Dawn Chant
Bulb Planting Chant
Burn Fire
Burning Times Chant
Calls to the Nine Muses
Calypso Changing Chant
Candle Chant
Candle Enchantment
Chant Expansion
Chant for Good Grades
Chant for Moon Gazing
Chant for Poetic Inspiration
Chant for Spiritual Growth
Chant to Empower a Potion
Chant to Protect from Evil Spirits
Chant While Dressing a Candle
Chant While Sun is Setting
Creative Flow
Dark Goddess Chant
Dragon Chant
Earth Fire Chant
Earth Ritual Chant
Elemental Call
Elemental Chant
Elements Chant
Elements Chant
Energy Chant
Evening Chant to the God
Evening Chant to the Goddess
Fast Luck- Money Drawing
Full Moon Chant
Full Moon Chant 2
Fur and Feather
Gaia, Carry Us Home
God and Goddess Chants
God and Goddess Invocation
God Chant Variation
Goddess 2000 Project Chant
Goddess Chant
Goddess Chant 1
Goddess Chant 2
Hail Mother
Halloween Chant
Healing Chant
Healing Chant
Healing Chant
Holy Chant
Hoof and Horn
Horned God Chant
I Am the Earth
Imbolc Chant
Knight's Chant
Life Affirmation
Love Chant
Make a Wish Chant
May Day Chant 1
May Day Chant 2
Maypole Dance
Mixing Chant
Moon Chant
Morning Chant
Mother I feel You
Mother Nature Waits
New Moon Chant
New Moon Chant to Diana
Nine Sisters Chant
Now the Darkest Time of Winter
Ocean Mother
Pagan Chant
Patience and Waiting Medicine Chant
Patience Chant
Power Chant
Power Chant
Protection Chant
Protective Chant
Quarters Chant
Rain Chant
Reconcile Lovers- Come Back to Me
Samhain Chant
Scrying Chant
See the Sun Arising
Seven Lands Sisters Chant
Spirit of Fire Chant
Spirits Everywhere
Spiritual Healing
Stag Call
Star Chant
Steady Work- Find a Job
Success for the Student
Sunshine Chant
Tarot Chant
The Blessing Chant
The Cauldron Chant
The Circle Shapes Us
The Moon is High
The Spider Healing Chant
The Sun Child
The Witches Chant
The Witches' Chant
To Bring About Quiet
To Build Inner Strength
To Find a Soul Mate
Tolerance Chant
Traveling Chant
Truth Chant
Universal Chant
Untitled Chant
We are a Circle Chant
We Are One with the Soul of the Earth
Winter Solstice Sunrise
Women's Healing Chant

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