I am the sunshine on the verdant greensward.
I am the Salmon that swims in the stream.
I am of coal buried deep in the mountain.
I am the Eagle that sees from the sky.
I am the myth in the mind of the mystic.
I am the Crow at the foot of the warrior.
I am the shield and the spear of the fighter.
I am the corn and the flower of the field.
I am the fire that blazes at Beltane.
I am the woman that rocketh the cradle.
I am the egg that will hatch in fresh well-water.
I am the Lizard that dances in ashes.
I am the woman whose breasts are the hillocks.
I am the old man whose gaze is of sunlight.
I was with Isis when bodies were broken.
I was with Arianrhod in her sky-castle.
I was the Mare when Epona did gallop.
Who but me is the wonder of rivulets?
Who but me is the strength of the storm?

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