Some Helpful Storage Tips

Perfume Bottles

Almost every female wears perfume. I'm always receiving samples through the mail, or stores are handing out mini samples etc. Those little bottles are so cute I hate to throw them away. But what's the point of having old, empty perfume bottles sitting around? Why not put them to use? They can be used to hold potions, oils etc. You can either scratch of the name of the perfume or put a label over it.

Lunch Bags

Now you can buy those lunch bags with spaces to write what the bag holds. Why not use lunch bags to store your herbs? It sounds like a great idea to me, and it's inexpensive!

Baby Bottles

Okay, so you've hiked miles until you found spring water. What can you put it in? Baby bottles work just fine. If you drop them, they won't break or spill.


One day I decided to make a dream catcher and I needed a sturdy circle of some sort. Rather then going out and buying something I looked through my jewelry. Remember in the 80's when those metal bracelets were in fashion? You know, the ones you practically had to cut off your hand to get on? They work great for dream catchers.

Fanny Packs

Going out in public and want to take some magickal tools with you, without other people noticing? Use a fanny pack.

Flashlight Holder

If you buy one of those mini flashlights, they usually come with a holder that you slip onto your belt. Why not use the holder to carry your bottles (or perfume bottles) of magickal mixtures?

Old Eye Shadow Compacts

These are handy to carry herbs around with you. They usually fit into your pocket and are sealed well.

Make-Up Organizer

Get a make-up organizer. I have one that has little compartments that fold out when you open it. You can store all sorts of magickal tools in these.

Film Containers

I don't know about your house, but at our house we always have those little black film containers laying around the house. You can store herbs in them, or use them as molds for candle making.


Need to decorate your magickal tools? I know I do. Use cheap (or expensive, it's your choice) jewelry. Even the plastic stuff that you get out of machines will work for adding a special touch to your magickal tools.

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