Solitary Power Exercise

The following exercise can be used in any ritual, spell, or in daily life. It is an exercise of the mind that, once practiced, will bring you health, happiness, and prosperity — but you must believe. If you do not have faith, it won’t work.

One: Choose what you will work for. This is the planning phase. All the doubts, worries, ideas, and possible solutions should be removed from your mind. The only thing that should be left is the desire.

Two: Close your eyes. This allows you to shut out the world around you and focus on the exercise. In time, you will be able to use your secret with your eyes open, but for now, close them.

Three: Take three deep breaths. This brings more oxygen to the brain and other areas of the body, relieves stress, urges relaxation of the muscles, and helps put you in the “alpha” state.

Four: Let go of time and space. Say “release” as you breathe out. When your eyes are closed, it is easy to forget that time and space exist. Spirit does not need time or space to perform miracles, and neither do you when you mentally release those thoughts of restraint and touch deity energy, which is the next step. If it helps, think of opening your hands (or physically allow your hands to slowly open) while you say the word “release”.

Five: Touch deity energy. Say the word “unity”. In the Craft we teach that you and deity are one, and that you share creative force with every manifestation of energy in the universe. This is a given. Of course, you have to acknowledge this fact, which isn’t easy for everyone to do. When you speak the word “unity”, you are affirming that we are all one and that you have the power to become one with everything. If you don’t believe this, the secret won’t work. If it helps, as you say the word “unity”, think of yourself moving into your concept of god/dess — losing for a moment, your conscious thought of separation.

Six: Conceive the form. Visualize the thing. Say the word aloud. Surround the thing with pure white light. For some, this will be the most difficult part of the exercise. It is why the Craft teaches you to learn how to visualize people, places and things. There are also ideas that do not have a physical form: love, compassion, success, happiness, joy, and so on. For these, or if you cannot visualize the object desired, substitute the feeling. How do you feel when you’re happy? Are you smiles? Or maybe happiness to you is security, pleasant surroundings, a good joke? You need only hold on to this thought for a short period of time (a count to five is a good start; if it’s shorter, that’s okay, but longer is even better). There are other ideas that are not emotions, yet not necessarily a specific physical object either. The word “information” comes to mind; “time” is another. If you can’t link the idea into a mental picture, just firmly say the word aloud and fill your mind with pure, white light. The birth of the visualization in your mind, holding it, affirming the word aloud, and surrounding the object with white light is a simple one, two, three operation once you get used to the process. You might want to practice this part of the secret before you do the whole technique for the first time.

Seven: Accept success. This is important. If you don’t mentally accept success, your “secret” will bomb. You must want it, and welcome it.

Eight: Know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this will be done. Suspend disbelief. This is a toughie, but you only have to hold onto this knowing for a few seconds. (The longer you practice, the better at this you’ll get.) However, just getting to that knowing can be hard, depending upon your personality, how much work you’ve done in the Craft already, and what you’ve learned about life in the past. You’re one up on adults because childhood, where you believed in things unequivocally, because someone told you so, is not that far behind you.

So, let’s talk about how you feel when you know something to be true (through whatever method, scientific or otherwise). For example, at noon on any given day the sun rose in the east and is now overhead, even if it is hidden by clouds and you can’t see it. Close your eyes and think about how you feel about knowing that the sun is overhead. There is no gap in your thought process. No indecision, like, “It’s there — no, maybe not.” You didn’t debate in your head how it got there in the first place. You immediately know (from past experience, science, and other good stuff) that the sun is overhead. Try that again. That knowing was a nanosecond, wasn’t it? And there wasn’t any effort, was there? You didn’t grunt, or groan, or make wild gestures with your hands to know that the sun was overhead. You didn’t dance around a fire, call a demon, or spit in the wind. Nor was there any emotion. The sun is overhead. Big deal. Hold that thought.

Ever been to a really great movie with cool special effects, and the script was so wonderful that you lost yourself completely in the story and you believed everything that happened to the character, even though you know for a fact that in real life (as you know it) those things on the screen couldn’t possibly be true? Yet while you are watching the movie you believe those things are true for that character. In writing and screenplays this phenomenon is called “suspension of belief” — where the audience lets go of what they know to be true to enhance their enjoyment. This is what every actor, writer, publisher, and movie company hopes you will do, because when you suspend your belief (and like that feeling), they count their work a success. There are other activities where you are already familiar with this process — when reading a book and when watching a magician (to name two). Where else might you try to suspend belief? How about when working with things of an artistic nature — that zone your mind goes to when you listen or create music, sculpt a statue, paint a picture, take the perfect photograph, write a poem, or dance? When you do these things you are tapping into the creative unconsciousness of the universe.

If this is something we already know how to do, how come we don’t do it all the time? Because there are environments where we believe it is safe and appropriate to let go, and environments where we believe it is not safe to let go, because if we did, our survival would be seriously threatened. Therefore, the question is not whether you can “let go and believe”, but in what environment you allow yourself to let go. Now, when we talk “environment”, what exactly are we referring to? Here, we mean the material and the non-material. Let’s start with the material.

The material environment most conductive to magick and raising power is the place where you feel most safe and secure. It is a place that is devoid of negative energy, which is why Witches are taught to physically cleanse an area, to create sacred space with the elements, and to cast the magick circle. This physical area is then thought to be suitable for physical, mental, and spiritual magickal work. The creation of this place, by you, represents your permission to yourself that it’s OK to work with magick here. These exercises (cleansing, sacred space, and circle casting) fulfill other criteria for magick, but for what we’re discussing here, that is as far as we need to take it.

The non-material environment is your mind, which takes us back to the sun in the sky explanation, and the discussion on what it feels like to know something, and how quickly we are able to grasp any thought, and how quickly we can suspend belief. Doesn’t take much, does it? Since you re capable of knowing and capable of suspending belief, then you are capable of absolutely anything and everything. So what stops you? Fear.

If you are still confused on how to exercise this knowing thing, let’s try one more example. Set a glass of water in front of you. You know it’s there because you put it there. Close your eyes. Is the glass still there? Of course it is. You know it is still there. How long did it take you to process the feeling that you know the glass is there? Less than a hiccup. You didn’t need to go through the long mental process of how you that glass in front of you. Analyze the knowing feeling. Calm. Certainty. Aha! That’s the feeling we’re talking about, and you need only hold on to that feeling for a nanosecond, even in magick, provided you’re using this entire sequence. In magick, we must always believe that what we want will happen, and the key to finishing out the process is knowing it. Belief plus knowing equals magick.

Nine: Reject any thoughts of failure, now and in the future. Will your mind to think only of success. Fear will ruin any ritual, spell, goal, or focused thought, whether your fear is frivolous or has logic behind it. You must banish fear to win. You cannot debate the finer points of what you want in the middle of any magickal process, and you cannot choose the way in which Spirit will grant your request, just as you cannot live another person’s life for them (magick always follows the path of least resistance). Either you want to succeed, or you don’t. If you don’t, then don’t use your secret because it won’t work. If Spirit thinks that your request is not precisely in harmony with your life path, Spirit will accommodate your choices as long as you legitimately feel you are working in harmony with the universe and not intentionally trying to hurt anyone. Spirit expects you to make boo boos. If you don’t trust yourself, then trust in Spirit. When you connected with deity in step five and welcomed pure, positive energy into this technique, you banished any inadvertent mistakes. What if you think that your request is too fantastic to take form in your life? If you believe this, your secret will fail. You will have thought your failure into reality because you believed, by acknowledging that thought in the first place, that it’s easier to fail than to succeed. In magick and daily life, negative thoughts are the enemy. If you give them power by dwelling on them, they will win and you will be miserable. Every time a defeatist or negative thought comes into your brain, blow it away! At first, this will be easier said than done, but eventually you’ll get the hang of it. The human brain is incredibly creative.

Ten: Keep your mouth shut. Yeah, for some of you this is going to be a problem and you’re just going to have to work on that; but for others, no sweat. However, if you want to succeed, remember this: the procedure is called “Your Secret”. When you tell others about magick, especially those who don’t believe in the process, you are allowing that person to work against you. No, they’re probably not going to run out there and light up a black, jumbo candle and sing a song of mojo by the light of the big, fat moon, but more than likely they’ll just laugh at you, and make you feel small and stupid, which sets in motion your fear of failure (because we all have subconscious buttons especially so of close friends and family members because we usually care what they think). This does not infer that you shouldn’t talk to reliable people about your problems, and if your mind went there right away, shame on you. Magick is never meant to be harmful — not the casting of it nor the practicing of it.

Now that you’ve read the entire sequence on your special secret, let’s put it in outline form. You might want to copy this down on a small piece of paper or a 3 by 5 inch card so that you can carry it with you.

Your Secret Success Formula

To Dare

To Release

To Connect

To Conceive

To Accept

To Know

To Believe

To Will

To Be Silent

Some of you are saying, Awww, I know what this is. This is the Witch’s Pyramid! So it is. If we factored out the steps I’ve given you to make the process more streamlined, you’d get To Dare, To Know, To Will, and To Be Silent. For our purpose, though, we don’t want to remove any of the steps until you have used your secret so much that you can blend the steps together in your own time, should you so desire. As you can see, there is more to the formula than how it is normally presented in most books on the craft.

Let’s make your secret formula into a chant: “Release, Connect, Conceive, Accept, I Know, Believe!” Try saying this about ten times, and see how it rolls off the tongue. What kind of rhythm did you come up with? This is your signature rhythm for this formula. Try drumming out the beat on the table. Give it a go, twenty times or so, until the drumming is fluid with the chant. How does that make you feel? Empowered? Good! I left out “Dare” because that’s the setup and you wouldn’t be working the magick in the first place if you weren’t a little daring. “Will” and “Silence” were removed from the chant because they are after the fact, and represent the rules to follow to ensure success, but if you would prefer to add them, that’s just fine. If this chant doesn’t feel comfortable, try: “Let Go, I Am, Conceive, Accept, I Know, Believe!” and see if that works better for you.

Okay, you’ve read the formula, you understand the explanations, you practiced some of the steps, worked with a chant, and added your own rhythm of drumming to set up a familiar vibration. Now it’s time to put the formula to good use. We’re going to try a dry run. Pick something you want to work for (smaller is best since this is a new experience for you). With your eyes open, read through the outline, doing each step in your mind. Good. Now, lets get a little creative. Think of your desire, then say:
“One, let go.” (Do that in your mind)
“Two, I am.” (Connect with the deity)
“Three, I conceive.” (Visualize desire)
“Four, I accept.” (Welcome success)
“Five, I know.” (Bring that nanosecond of certainty into your mind)
“Six, I believe.” (Say it like you mean it)
“So mote it be!” (This is the “will” part)

That wasn’t so tough, was it? Excellent! Let’s go further. After declaring each number and the intention, follow with your chant and drumming, like this:
“One, let go!
Let Go, I Am, Conceive, Accept, I Know, Believe!
Two, I am!
Let Go, I Am, Conceive, Accept, I Know, Believe!
Three, I conceive!
Let Go, I Am, Conceive, Accept, I Know, Believe!
Four, I accept!
Let Go, I Am, Conceive, Accept, I Know, Believe!
Five, I know!
Let Go, I Am, Conceive, Accept, I Know, Believe!
Six, I believe!
Let Go, I Am, Conceive, Accept, I Know, Believe!
So mote it be!
Let Go, I Am, Conceive, Accept, I Know, Believe!”

Tricky, huh? What if you do not want to drum? Try tying a knot in a string or cord as you say your chant (rather than drumming). “Let go” (tie the knot and say the chant), “I am!” (tie the knot and say the chant), and so on. Carry the cord with you until your desire has reached you. Don’t forget to thank Spirit. Think of other creative ways that you can use your secret formula. Once you have practiced this technique a long time, you won’t need the words anymore. Instead, the formula will compact in your mind into a set of feelings, and then into a single feeling. When this occurs, you will know that you have become an adept.

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