So Then, What is Witchcraft Really?

Witchcraft follows the rules of nature. Basically, if something can happen, then you can make it happen. For example: weather changes, healing, speaking to animals (not actually speaking with words, but with your mind), finding your true love, and feeling beautiful are all things that you can make happen. Sometimes some of these things seem unbelievable, like weather changes. Be advised, you won't be able to bring down a tornado or suddenly create wind or a torrential downpour. Magick works slowly, unlike the flashy crap you see on those cheesy TV shows. You won't see any twinkle or lightning. And nothing is going to fly from your fingertips.

Magick is the art of teaching your mind to make changes subconsciously. The human mind is a powerful thing. It is strong enough to make someone ugly or beautiful. It can even cause your body to heal itself after severe physical and emotional trauma. Magick works on the same premise as prayer and has everything to do with the mind. For example, you have probably seen ways in which the mind can bring about change in your everyday life. Sports players often use mind power to overcome obstacles or push themselves to do things they could not otherwise do. Also when you go to the doctor it can sometimes take a considerable amount of will-power to get a shot or force your body to sit still for something painful. Have you ever held back a gag reflex? Sometimes a person's mind power over their body is so strong they can make themselves vomit just by thinking about it. This willpower can help you to overcome obstacles in your life and make changes within your body as well as without.

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