Snipe Sorcery

In the great tradition of 'Wombat Wicca' and Witchduck, we present the following as the second in a series of "Ceremonials" Asst. Ed.

As promised, in this edition of Snipe Sorcery, we present the two major invocations used in the Snipe rituals.

Invocation to Baboo

“O beautiful, bright Baboo, the banshee ballerina, the baroque bawd, the bedazzling, buxom bombshell, we pray to thee, our bumptious bulwark of burlesque, and beg you to bless our bacchanal with the bonbon of your bright presence.

Light our lewd labors with the lascivious laughter of your leering legacy. Endorse each word of our earnest entertainment for the enlightenment of the entranced masses, huddled in the darkness of their prudery and inhibitions.

Grant us the power to dispell the gloom of puritan despondency which looms over their eternal labors and help them take their heavy load and shove it. So Mote it Be”

Invocation to Bacchus

“Rah! Rah! Rah! Sis Boom Bah! If we can't have Bacchus, we'll have no god at all!

Gimme a "P" Gimme an "A" Gimme an "R" Gimme a "T" Gimme a "Y"

What's that spell? What's that spell? What's that spell?”

Repeat as necessary.

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