Certain Christian saints are called upon for specific help. This usually takes the form of prayers and an offering of a candle when the petition is made. The Vatican Council of the Catholic Church addressed this devotion to the saints in their Constitution on the Church, No. 50, saying that the saints were helpful friends in heaven. These devotions usually consist of saying prayers, lighting candles, and offering flowers or incense.

The Infant Jesus of Prague: Health matters, surgery, guidance, and wisdom.
Our Lady of Fatima: Protection from evil and the anger of adversaries, and freedom from any situation that restricts and binds.
Our Lady of Guadalupe: Peace, sickness, luck, and help in any situation.
Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception: Sickness and fertility.
Our Lady of Loreto: Help when looking for a place to live, protection when traveling by air, and peace in the family. Patroness of pilots and home builders.
Our Lady of Lourdes: Sickness and regaining health.
Our Lady of Mercy: Peace, health, justice, and release from jail.
Our Lady of Mount Carmel: Protection from accidents or sudden death.
St. Agabus: Patron of psychics and clairvoyant visions.
St. Agatha: Breast diseases, rape, and volcanic eruptions. Patroness of nurses.
St. Agnes: Fidelity, finding a suitable mate, and relationships.
St. Agricola of Avignon: Protection against misfortune, bad luck, and plagues. Patron of rain.
St. Albinus: Gallstones and kidney disease.
St. Alexis: Keeping enemies away.
St. Alphonsus Liguori: Rheumatic fever, arthritis, gout, joint and muscle ailments, osteoarthritis.
Sts. Alodia and Nunilo: Patronesses of child abuse victims and runaways.
St. Aloysius: Fever, epidemics, plagues, and settling disputes.
St. Andrew: Patron of fishermen.
St. Ann: Help with deafness and blindness, and with special requests. Patroness of women, particularly those in childbirth.
St. Anthony: Finding lost items, marriage or love problems, financial problems, and getting a job. Considered a wonder-worker.
St. Apollonia: Patron of toothaches and dentists.
St. Arthelius: Patroness of kidnapping victims.
St. Barbara: Protectress of women, love, help against those trying to break up a marriage, clearing a path through obstacles, release from prison, and driving away evil. Patroness of prisoners, architects, the military, and stone-workers.
St. Bartholomew: Learning the truth, protection from violence, and surgery. Patron of surgeons.
St. Benedict: Fever, kidney disease, poisons, contagious diseases, safe delivery in childbirth, sick animals, business success, and protection from storms.
St. Benardine of Siena: Gambling addiction.
St. Blaise: Diseases in both humans and animals, especially throat diseases. Patron of veterinarians.
St. Brigid of Kildare: Childbirth, fertility, protection from fires, healing, agriculture, inspiration, learning, poetry, prophecy, and love. Patroness of blacksmiths, dairy workers, and physicians.
St. Cadoc of Wales: Glandular disorders.
St. Capistrano: Repelling enemies.
St. Clare of Assisi: Understanding, help with difficulties, and overcoming drug and alcohol problems.
St. Catherine of Alexandria: Beauty, fertility, a peaceful death, love, jealousy, healing, fortunate birth, visions and dreams, and public speaking. Patroness of teachers and jurors.
St. Catherine of Siena: Patroness of nursing homes, fire protection, and unmarried women.
St. Cecilia: Success in composing, music, poets, and singers.
St. Christopher: Protection from accidents and sudden death, safe travel, fevers, storms, and nightmares. Patroness of unmarried men, bus drivers, and motorists.
St. Cipriano: Protection while traveling, homeless people, earthquakes, fire, bad neighbors, liars, deceitful lovers, and keeping one out of jail.
St. Clotilde: Adopted children and widows.
Sts. Cosmas and Damian: Sickness, correct diagnosis of diseases, and removal of obstacles. Patrons of barbers, druggists, physicians, and surgeons.
St. Denis: Headaches.
St. Dismas: Patron of prisoners, thieves, death-row inmates, and undertakers.
St. Dorothy of Montau: Miscarriages.
St. Dymphna: Insanity, nervous disorders or any mental problems, family harmony, and epilepsy.
St. Elmo: Appendicitis, intestinal disease, and seasickness.
St. Expedite: Settling disputes and changing things quickly.
St. Fabiola: Infidelity and physical abuse. Patroness of divorce and widows.
St. Florian: Protection of the home against fire and flood, help in danger and emergencies. Patron of firemen.
St. Francis de Sales: Deafness. Patron of writers and journalists.
St. Francis of Assisi: Understanding, peace, spiritual wisdom, and help with problems. Patron of all animals and birds, gardens, firemen, merchants, and garment makers.
St. Francis Xavier Cabrini: The poor, being accepted when you move, health, and education. Patron of emigrants.
St. George: Courage, conquering fear, overcoming jealousy, skin diseases, and mental retardation. Patron of soldiers.
St. Gerard Majella: Fertility, pregnant women, mothers with small children, being falsely accused, channeling prophecy, healing, and seeing the truth. Patron of pregnant women.
St. Gertrude of Nivelles: Getting rid of rats and mice. Patron of cats.
St. Giles: Patron of the physically disabled.
St. Helen of Jerusalem: Love and overcoming sorrow. Patroness of archaeologists.
St. Hippolytus: Patron of horses.
St. Hubert: Patron of dogs, hunters, and rabies sufferers.
St. Ignatius of Loyola: Protection against burglars and evil spirits. patron of soldiers.
St. James the Greater: Conquering enemies, removing obstacles, justice, arthritis, and rheumatism. Patron of manual laborers.
St. Joan of Arc: Courage, spiritual strength, and overcoming enemies.
St. John the Baptist: Good luck, crops, and protection from enemies. Patron of tailors.
St. John Bosco: Temporal needs, students, and trouble with children. Patron of editors.
St. John Gualbert: Patron of foresters and park services.
St. John the Divine: Friendship. Patron of art dealers, editors, and publishers.
St. Joseph: Protection, finding a job, selling a house, married couples. Patron of carpenters and bakers.
St. Jude: Hopeless cases, court troubles or getting out of jail, drugs.
St. Lawrence: A peaceful home and family, and financial assistance. Patron of the poor.
St. Lazarus: Sickness, diseases of the legs, drug addiction, and getting prosperity.
St. Leonard: Burglary, prisoners of war, and women in labor.
St. Louis Bertrand: Learning languages, and protection from evil and accidents.
St. Lucy: Eye problems, repelling legal problems, settling court cases, protection from hexes, help when your back is against the wall. Patroness of salespeople and writers.
St. Luke: Patron of painters, physicians, and surgeons.
St. Madron: Pain.
St. Martha: Domestic problems, money troubles, keeping a lover or husband faithful, bringing in a new love, and conquering enemies. Patroness of housekeepers and servants.
St. Martin de Porres: Financial needs, health, and harmony. Patron of the poor and animals.
St. Martin of Tours: Repelling evil, protection from enemies, money, luck, and a successful business.
St. Mary Magdalene: Patroness of repentant prostitutes, perfumers, and hair stylists.
St. Matthew: Patron of bankers, bookkeepers, customs agents, security guards, and tax collectors.
St. Michael: Total protection.
St. Nicholas of Myra: Patron of dock workers, children, brides, merchants, unmarried women, and travelers.
St. Patrick: Prosperity, good luck, spiritual wisdom, guidance, and protecting against snakebite.
St. Paul: Courage, overcoming opposition, and a peaceful home. Patron of authors, journalists, publishers, and travelers.
St. Peregrine Laziosi: Health problems, particularly cancer.
St. Peter: Success, good business, strength, courage, good luck, and removing obstacles. Patron of bridge builders and masons.
St. Phiolmena: Pregnant women, destitute mothers, fertility, trouble with children, happiness in the home, money problems, mental illness, and real estate. Patroness of any desperate situation.
St. Raymond Nonnatus: Stopping gossip and protection of unborn babies. Patron of midwives.
St. Rita: Bleeding, desperate situations, parenthood, infertility, and marital problems.
St. Rita of Cascia: Loneliness, abusive relationships, healing wounds and tumors, and deliverance from evil. Patroness of hopeless cases.
St. Sebastian: Justice, court cases, overcoming rivals, removing obstacles, and obtaining good fortune. Patron of athletes, gardeners, potters, stonemasons, and soldiers.
St. Teresa of Avila: Headaches and heart attacks.
St. Therese of Lisieux: Alcohol and drug problems, spiritual growth, protection against black magick, and tuberculosis.
St. Thomas Aquinas: Improving the memory and passing school exams. Patron of scholars and students.
St. Vitus: Exorcism of evil spirits and curing epilepsy. Patron of comedians and dancers.
Virgin Mary: The mother of the Christ. Love, kindness, protection, and intercession for any need.

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