Rune Partners
Rune Name Classical Meanings of the Runes
Fehu Cattle, Slaves, Material possessions, the physical
Ansuz Signals, Communication, the mental
Uruz Oxen, Strength, Rigidity
Laguz Water, Flow, yielding
Wunjo Joy, exhilaration
Thurisaz Directed Force, aggression
Hagalaz Hail, Force of Natural destruction
Raido Wagon, Travel, Natural Order
Kano Fire, energy, heat
Isa Ice, Stasis, coldness
Ewaz Yew Tree of life, Bridging worlds, Defense
Sowielo Wholeness, Presence of mind, Victory
Manaz Man, Culture, Tradition
Dagaz Day, Breakthrough, Change
Tiwaz Victory, aggression, attack
Algiz Protection, Defense, warding
Inguz The Egg, a seed, fertile potential
Jera Year, harvest, the egg opened, kinetic release
Nauthiz Need, yearning, hunger
Gebo A Gift, Partnership, sex
Birkana Birch, Womanhood, Mother
Perth Mystery, Chance, Secrets
Ehwaz Horses, Movement, change of residence
Othielo Inheritance, Property, stationary wealth

As you see, not all the runes are opposites, but all seem to complement their partner in one way or another. You may also notice that the actual stafrs of the partners are very similar. Fehu and Ansuz for instance, are similar except for the slant of their pendant members. Perth and Berkana are also very similar, only the center members turn out instead of in on Perth, etc.

Write the symbols next to the appropriate lines, and you will see this.

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