Rune Correspondences
Key Scale Astrological Symbol Rune Symbol
11 Air Ger
12 Mercury Os
13 Moon Beorc
14 Venus Peord
15 Aries Ur
16 Taurus Feoh
17 Gemini Ing
18 Cancer Eoh
19 Leo Wyn
20 Virgo Eolh
21 Jupiter Gyfu
22 Libra Nyd
23 Water Lagu
24 Scorpio Thorn
25 Sagittarius Rad
26 Capricorn Haegl
27 Mars Tyr
28 Aquarius Man
29 Pisces Eh
30 Sun Daeg
31 Fire Sigel
32 Saturn Is
32 bis Earth Ethel
31 bis Spirit Ken

For those of you that wish to draw a relationship between the correspondences of Aleister Crowley's 777, Astrological symbols, and Runes the above table has been provided for you.

This information was taken from an article titled "Rune Correspondence" by Donald Tyson from Llewellyn's 1991 Magickal Almanac. As is the following definitions:
Feoh means cattle, and Taurus represents a cow or bull.
Ur stands for aurochs, an extinct wild beast of Northern Europe with curling ram like horns that was a symbol of masculine potency among the Germans.
Thorn is the name of an evil giant, and Scorpio is considered the most malefic of the zodiac signs; both are barbed and venomous.
Os is the name of the wise and eloquent god of magic, Woden. Mercury has from classical times been linked with Woden through his day, Wednesday.
Rad means a journey on horseback or quest for enlightenment, well suited to the nature of the horse-archer Sagittarius.
Ken signifies a torch or beacon, what Spirit is to the soul.
Gyfu means gift or sacrifice, once offered to and requested from the sky god Jupiter, who is linked with Thor.
Wyn is glory or joy, in harmony with the pride and sense of personal well-being associated with Leo.
Haegl means hail, a stony destructive force well in keeping with the cold and relentless nature of Capricorn.
Nyd is necessity and the will to endure it, reflected in the scale that traditionally weighs out the value of grains and other necessities of life.
Is or ice, matches the cold blackness, the hardness, and the secretiveness and power of concealment of Saturn.
Ger signifies the turning of seasons, which is heralded in Nature by whirling temperature shifts in the Air.
Eoh or yew, signifies the reliability and sturdy value of yew wood, just as Cancer stands for protectiveness and support.
Peord or apple, is luxury and display, well-suited to Venus.
Eolh a sign for warding off evil, matches the defensiveness and withdrawing instincts of Virgo.
Sigel Sun, more specifically refers to the active power of the Sun, its burning energy or Fire.
Tyr another name for the god Tew, as in Tuesday, is associated with Mars.
Beorc or birch, signifies birth, growth, physical health, and healing, the qualities of the Moon.
Eh horse, abstractly is the manifest vehicle for the will of man and is here represented by Pisces, a sign of intuition and emotion.
Man, or mankind, is represented by Aquarius with its associations of human intellect and will.
Lagu means Water in all its forms.
Ing is a god of the family and the hearth, represented here by the siblings of Gemini.
Daeg means light of day, which emanates from the Sun.
Ethel is native land, the hereditary Earth.

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