Ritual Sprinkling Bundle


  • Herbs such as sagebrush, chaparral or rosemary
  • Wool yarn in blue or tan
  • Knife

Start by gathering fresh herbs, of about twelve to fifteen inches long. Gently shake off any dust. If they must be washed, do it gently and dry carefully and thoroughly.

Bundle the leafy stems together. Hold in your left hand and lay a hanging loop of yarn, extending a few inches above the ends of the herbs. Start wrapping the long end around the herb bundle and hanging loop end.

Focus on your use for this herb bundle. (We use ours in room purification rituals.)

Continue winding the yarn around, being sure that the yarns lie flat against each other. Do this until you have gone up the bundle three or four inches.

Next, wrap the yarn around the herb deosil, about one inch between the yarns. Keep it taut.

When you get to the top; reverse the herb and do the same process back to the handle. (This forms a criss-cross pattern.)

Make a slip knot over the top portion of the handle to secure it. Continue to wrap the 'handle' portion.

Cut off the free yarn, leaving a three inch tail.

Tie the end of the yarn around the hanging loop.

Tuck the free end under the 'handle'.

Consecrate prior to use.

To Use: Dip the bundle into chalice of ritual water. Sprinkle the area by shaking the bundle at it. Be sure to extend your arm out fully, to allow the powers to flow freely.

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