Reversing the Spellwork of Another

A note of caution here — the ups and downs of life do not automatically indicate that someone has put a curse on you or sent negative magick your way.

More often than not, we are experiencing unfortunate circumstances because we did something stupid, or because the lesson is in your life plan. Blaming a curse or other magickal vehicle is buying into superstition, and we really don’t want to go there. In fact, it takes a lot of effort to throw a curse, and even when that is done the rule of three always applies, hence most magickal people don’t mess with curses because there are several ways to handle the issues of life without bringing negative magick into the mix.

I say “most magickal people” because there is always that particular soul that feels he or she knows best and thinks there is more power in negative magick. Wrong. These people are not real Witches, they are dabblers with a major self-esteem problem. Trust me on this one — I’ve watched a few people crash and burn through sheer stupidity of this kind. I’ve had letters from a few teens that tell me their friends have “cursed” them openly, and to be quite frank with you this has nothing to do with modern Witchcraft and everything to do with psychological terrorism, meaning that you have to believe they can hurt you for the curse to work, as it is your own mind that fulfills their prophecy. If you realize that they are truly powerless, then you will be just fine.

This is not to say that evil does not exist in the world. We know that it does.

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