Retrograde Tips
Mercury: If something is moving to fast and you want to slow it down (in the realm of communication), you can always place the Mercury retrograde symbol (mercury_zpsblfftvy7.pngretro.png) on a yellow candle, asking that, as the candle burns, the problem slows down until you have time to deal with that situation properly, or until you have the answer you need to proceed in a fair and honorable way. Petition the Greco-Roman god Mercury for assistance, or ask your guardian angel. The word angel means “messenger”. (Note: The planet Mercury does not have to be physically retrograde in the heavens for you to cast this spell.)

Mars: During a Mars retrograde, Spirit will show you who your friends are and who doesn’t care a whit about you. Heads up.

Jupiter: Always have money in the bank before Jupiter goes retrograde, even if it is only a little bit. A Jupiter retrograde can expand on poverty as easily as it can expand your prosperity when it is direct. Be extra careful with your finances when Jupiter turns retrograde!

Venus: If you can’t seem to hold on to your money, draw the Venus retrograde symbol (Venus_zpszeibopit.pngretro.png) on a white candle, and place the candle on top of the money you do have. Ask that you learn to slow down on your spending and hold onto your present savings. If you think that a love relationship is moving too fast, draw the Venus retrograde symbol on a blue candle. Place the candle over a picture of yourself. Ask that the relationship slow down until you can think clearly about who you want to associate with and why you are really interested in that person. Ask for clarity of thought. Venus will grant your desire. Venus is, after all, the Greco-Roman goddess of love, relationships, and passion. (Note: The planet Venus does not have to be physically retrograde in the heavens to work this simple spell.)
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