Real Witches Do...
  • Believe in God as a universal force of positive energy. We see the Lord and the Lady as aspects of this universal force.
  • Honor all positive religious paths. We understand that god is like a big perfect diamond. These facets are all the religions on earth. Witches do not make fun of other religions, and we feel that other religions should not make fun of us.
  • Believe that we are all one. We are one with Spirit, with people, with plants, with animals, with the elements, ect.
  • Believe in prayer. We pray all the time. Prayer helps people. We know that focused prayer represents great power.
  • Follow certain laws. We sometimes call these laws the Ordains. Witches follow three kinds of laws: Spiritual, Practical, and Coven Laws.
  • Believe in Karma — that for every action there is an equal reaction.
  • Realize that to make the planet a good place to live, we have to live in harmony with others, and to do this, we work with positive energy.
  • Believe that there are three parts to a person: The physical, the mental and the spiritual. We try to train ourselves to work all three parts of ourselves in harmony as best we can.
  • Use common sense. We do not do dumb things like drink alcohol and drive.
  • Know that thoughts are things. We are always very careful about what we think, whether we are considering ourselves or someone else.
  • Know that power grows in direct proportion to wisdom. We know that scaring people is not a wise way to behave, and that Witches will lose, rather than gain, power if they frighten someone. Boasting to people that you can hurt them through magick is one of the most despicable things a person can do. The boaster has no real power. We also believe that using religious doctrine to frighten someone constitutes a big fat no-no.
  • Know that the art of magick is our greatest gift. If we work bad magick, Spirit will take our gift(s) from us. If we work positive magick, then that good energy will return to us threefold.
  • Work alone, or with others, in a magick circle. The magick circle represents our temple or church. We never bring jealousy, hatred, or anger into the magick circle, as that would be disrespectful to Spirit.
  • Believe in reincarnation. We know that we live many lives in order to grow spiritually.
  • Believe that there is no one right way to worship divinity. We feel that each person must cultivate their own belief in God so that they can be comfortable with Spirit. We have no central government, no single spokesperson, no main organization. Each person equally manifests the power of our religion in the world today. Because each Witch utilizes the Craft in his or her own way, you will find differences in our practices.
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