Quarter Calls


"Winged One, Spirit of Air,
your children invite you here.
Come on the winds of the sunrise,
give us your vision so clear.
You are the gentle spring breezes,
you are the glory of flight.
Winged One, Spirit of Air,
keep us wise through our rite."


"Fierce One, Spirit of Fire,
your children invite you here.
Come with your blazing noon passion,
banish all sorrow and fear.
You are the flickering candle,
you are the bonfire bright.
Fierce One, Spirit of Fire,
keep us brave through our rite."


"Swift One, Spirit of Water,
your children invite you here.
Come on the waves of the sunset,
bring to us joy and good cheer.
You are the well of deep comfort,
you are the crashing waves height.
Swift One, Spirit of Water,
keep us sure through our rite."


"Hoofed One, Spirit of Earth,
your children invite you here.
Come from the mountains of midnight,
with new strength and vigor appear.
You are the field of our pleasure,
you are the source of our might.
Hoofed One, Spirit of Earth,
keep us strong through our rite."


"Winged One —
Fierce One —
Swift One —
Hoofed One —
Keep us pure through our rite."

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