Protection Spells

3x3 Spell
A Mirror Spell of Protection for the Home
A Simple Salt Ring
A Spell to Bind Evil
A Spell to Break the Power of a Spell
A Spell to Protect Your House
A Ward for a Ring
Amulet for Discernment
Ancestor Water Protection Spell
Angel Trap
Angelic Charm to Break all Enchantments and Protect from Injury
Animal Spell for Protection
Anti-Magick Amulet
Anti-Stalker Spell
Astral Nasty Trap
Banishing an Unwanted Admirer
Banishing Spell
Binding Someone Dangerous
Binding Spell
Blue Pentacle Visualization
B.o.S Protection Spell
Breaking a Spell Cast on You
Calling for Restraint Spell
Car Protection Amulet
Cat Protection
Charm Against Abuse
Circle of Fire
Create a Protection Amulet
Disenchantment Spell
Don't Tread on Me Spell
Dragon Protection Chant
Dream Protection Spell
Drive Away Evil
Dynamite Diana Spell
Earth Dragon Protection
Elf Locker Spell
Empowering Jewelry for Protection
Favorite Pet Protection Spell
Fearful Chant
Fire Protection Spell
For a Swarm of Bees
For Protection in the Snow
Frost Giant Spell
Goddess Protection Amulet
Hand Protection Symbol Spell
Hex Breaking
Hex-Breaking Wahoo Spell
House Protection Mirror Spell
House Protection Spell Bottle
Interlock Internet Spell
Just Say No Spell
Leave Me Alone Spell
Lock Protection
Locker/Desk Drawer Combat Jar Spell to Prevent Theft or for the Return of Items Stolen at School
Locker/Desk Drawer Feather Web Spell
Magick Mirror Spell
Make a Protection Charm
Make an Alarm
Mirror Charm
Mirror Spell
Moon Protection for Amulets
Mummy Spell
Nightmare Spell
Pentagram Protection
Poison Prevention
Potent Protection Sachet
Power Animal Patrol
Prevent Evil
Protect a Cat
Protect a Dog
Protect a Doorway
Protect Cat from Fleas
Protect Children While Asleep
Protect Yourself at Blind Intersections
Protect Yourself from Angry People
Protecting a Vehicle
Protection Against Evil
Protection Against Evil Spirits
Protection Against Fire
Protection Chant
Protection Charm
Protection Charm
Protection Charm
Protection Charm Spell
Protection During Sleep
Protection for Children
Protection for Children at Night
Protection for Your Book of Shadows
Protection from Evil
Protection from Fire
Protection from Gunshots
Protection Spell
Protection Spell
Protection Spell
Protection Spell
Protection Spell
Protective Chant
Psychic Vampire Protection
Releasing Negative Beings
Repelling Jealous Energy
Safe Date Spell
Safe Travel Spell
Shatter the Shadow Spell
Simple Spell to Banish Negative Energy
Simple Talisman for Strength and Protection
Sky-Spirits Law and Order Spell
Spell for a Suicidal Friend or Family Member
Spell for Protecting Your Town or Area of the City
Spell for Protection
Spell for Protection Against Any Evil
Spell of the Witch's Ring
Spell to Banish Negative Energy from a House
Spell to Protect the Home from Intruders
Spell to Protect Your Vehicle
Spell to Remove the Enemy and Promote Harmony
Spell to Trap an Evil Spirit
Spell to Ward Off Bad Coworkers
Stop Spousal Abuse
Strega Herb Jar
The Banishing Spell
The Bottle Spell
The Bully Frog Banish Spell
The Protection Spell
The Shut the Hell Up Spell
The Witch's Bottle
Three Leaves Bottle Spell
Three Times Three Spell
Thunderstone for Home Protection
Tie His/Her Tongue Spell
To Banish an Unwanted Entity
To Banish Someone's Influence from Your Life
To Decrease the Number of People Around You
To Keep from Being Intimidated
To Make Someone Leave You Alone
To Protect a Pet
To Protect an Object
To Protect from Theft
To Protect Possessions
To Protect Your House from Prowlers
To Remove Evil or Negative Spirits
To Reverse a Hex
To Safeguard the Cook and Kitchen
To Stop Someone from Being Abusive
To Turn an Enemy into a Friend
Traditional Witch Bottle
Uncrossing Spell
Undo a Hex
Warning Spell
Witch Ball
Witches Bottle

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