Pressed Flower Glass Hanging

This makes a great "mini" collection, being you could make as many as you want, and make them different! They could be hung in a window with suction cups, for suncatchers, or fixed as a necklace.


  • Pressed flowers, leaves, mini butterflies pressed, pressed herbs, etc.
  • Scissors, tweezers, toothpicks
  • Hot glue gun or household glue
  • Mauve or blue or any other favorite color ribbon (1/8 inch in width)
  • Glass microscope slides

Place slide vertically and start forming your floral design starting with leaves on bottom, building design with flowers, herbs, etc. Place butterfly, if you want, to the top of your design.

You'll be using a tad bit of glue upon each flower, leaf, etc. as you place them into the "arrangement".

Cut a five inch length of ribbon and place at the top end of the slide.

Put a spot of glue on each corner of the slide and place other slide on top.

Put a thin layer of glue all around edges of two slides and quickly pull ribbon around edges of slide. Make a loop and attach to top for window decoration. Add ribbon bow to base of loop.

Use store bought jewelry loops to finish project as necklace.

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