Prayer to the Patron Deity

If you have a special place for meditation, with or without an idol, you can dress it also as a shrine, and ask your patron or patroness for aid in your inner labors. This prayer is completely personal and will not be modeled here.

In old Norse halls the master sat by the central pillar, which had an iron nail driven into it at shoulder-level, and he grasped the nail during an electric storm, in order to feel the power of Thorr. Thorr was a very popular patron God in the later heathen period. We know something about this practice because it continued among the Lapps (Saame) and was described by the Christian missionaries when they traveled to their lands to suppress their native beliefs.

Consequently, the meditation shrine can be thought of as the house pillar, and cognate with the spine, which should be held erect (the seat slightly raised by a pillow) during meditation.

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