Prayer Ribbons

A prayer ribbon can be used for any type of spiritual request. The ribbon(s) are activated at your altar and then placed outside the home with the idea that as the ribbons dance in the wind, so your prayers are send to Spirit. These prayers can be for protection, health, wisdom, success, and so on. The type of prayer used is entirely up to you.


  • Wooden dowel
  • Ribbons (your choice of color)
  • Anointing oil or holy water

Cast your circle and call in the quarters. Beginning with the north quarter, present the ribbon(s) and indicate your request. Ask for blessings of the elements on your wish. Sprinkle the ribbons with holy water or anoint with sacred oil, once again stating your request.

Sit in the center of your circle and hold the ribbon(s) — use one prayer for each ribbon, if you have more than a single ribbon. Hold the ribbon in your hand and intone your prayer. Repeat until your fingers grow warm and you feel as if you are enveloped with spiritual peace and happiness. Seal your prayer by kissing the ribbon. When you are finished with your prayers, tie the ribbon(s) to the dowel. Thank Spirit and the quarter energies, then release the quarters. Draw the circle energy into the dowel by walking counterclockwise around the circle one to three times, then saying: “The circle is open, but never broken”, knowing that the circle energy is now in the dowel.

Take the dowel outside and stick it upright in the ground. As you do this, think of boosting the prayer with Earth energy so that it can travel to the heavens like a rocket. Run your hand up the dowel, beginning with the closet point to the ground, letting your hand continue traveling up off the stick and toward the heavens. As you do this, say:
“Sacred Goddess, Mother Earth
Thou from whose immortal bosom
Gods, and men, and beasts have birth
Leaf and blade, bud and blossom
From the earth to the sky
My prayers travel high
And the ear of my Mother is listening.”

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