Pompous Pagans: A Warning to All

In my time online I have talked to a lot of people claiming to be pagans. Some where real and some were not. I wanted to let those seeking others or just starting out and wanting help learning to be aware of the fakes out there.

Please keep in mind this is not meant to scare people, insult anybody, or discourage you from reaching out. It is simply a breakdown of what to expect. This is mainly directed to online communities since those people do exist offline its safe to say this can be applied in real life as well. To make this easier we will group them into a few categories. Also note this is not a complete list of every type of person you will encounter just the basics. If you'd like to suggest me adding something please feel free to contact me or leave message in guest book.

The Real Deal

This person is really what they claim to be. They actually practice what they teach. They are rare and elusive creatures who like to hide and make it a challenge to find them. Everyone you meet will claim to be this. It is up to you to weed through them to find the ones that really are the Real Deal. I wish I could say those in this category were all nice and eager to help others on the path but this just isn't true. Some Real Deals just aren't into teaching or guiding. We shouldn't hold it against them or judge them for it. Not all of us can be open and supporting. The Real Deals may have potential to be great teachers but not all of them wish to be so please respect that.

The Teacher

These are the Real Deal who want to teach and help guide those needing it. First you should always remember they don't have to do it so be grateful if they help you. The teachers will be patient. They will answer your questions and because they are the real deal they will admit when they don't know something. They may offer to help further by reaching out in friendship and becoming a mentor for you. Some don't want to actually mentor but are still happy and willing to lend the occasional helping hand. I have found that the Teachers and Mentors are very well respect by most in the Pagan Community which is probably why the next group exists.

The False Guide

"I'm right you're wrong" "I know everything." These are the attitudes these people will present. Some may not even realize they are in this group while others will never admit it but definitely know they belong here. These people tend to come off egotistical and over eager to give their advice or input. They can be so convincing that you may not be able to tell them apart from the Real Deal. They want to be your "teacher/mentor" not because they want to help but because they want to respect that teachers get. They are quick to argue with you and never admit to not knowing something. If caught or proven wrong they will either throw a fit turning it around on the other person or change their view listing excuses such as misunderstanding the question. The main difference between a false guide and teacher is the ego. Teachers want you to learn and grow on your own. They embrace that everybody has different opinions and that’s okay. They will encourage you to research and find information on your own. The false guide wants you to only go to them or sources they approve of. They will get upset if you go out on your own and may try to make you feel guilty or prove what you found wrong and feel you with doubt. Don't fall for it! If you discover your "Mentor" is really a false guide simply distance yourself from them. Though be warned most of them will get upset. But try explaining that you think you are just on a different path and that you appreciate all they've done for you but the Gods have told you its time to move on. By acting like you really are gracious instead of accusing them of being a false guide you will save yourself a lot of drama.

The Vulture

Like everywhere in life there are predators out there. They may fall into the False Guide section as well. These are the ones that want to use you and possibly hurt you. They will make you think there is a connection between the two of you. Really meditate on if you really feel the connection. They often will push you into meeting them, sending photos, or giving your address or phone number. Beware of this! Listen to your instincts! What are they telling you? If they belong to a chat/forum with you I strongly suggest before giving any information that you contact and admin/moderator for that site. Explain you're situation and ask if they or any other administrators have heard anything about them doing this before. Remember to be faithful to your intuition. It can save your life! If it says something isn't right here then most likely something is really wrong and you need to be more careful. If this person really cares about you they will respect your decision to slow down and be safe. Also please note that men can fall prey just as easily as women. It just isn't reported as often. So be careful, be aware, and also follow what your heart tells you! If you are unsure then you should probably ask yourself why?

The Attention Addict

These are easy to spot. Its all about them. To them attention is attention. We all want and need attention but this person is addicted to it and will do anything including starting fights or creating drama to get it! Attention is their drug of choice. These people are highly annoying. You may feel the need to strangle or hit them. Just remember Harm Ye None even the most annoying! They usually whine and whine and whine until they get a reaction which is usually a negative one. They also like to spread gossip. While they spin their web they try to catch as many people in it as possible. Then when everything explodes they sit back and enjoy the carnage. If its turned on them they will play the victim. Don't fall for their ploys. Learn how to spot this person and avoid at all cost! When you see them chatting the best way to get rid of them and the negative energy they bring simply ignore them. Okay its not as simple as we wish. Unless you belong to a chat that lets you put people on block or mute so you don't have to see what they type this will require patience. Don't reply to anything they say. It may seem rude and they'll act out but stay strong and they will storm away eventually. Remember they are not worth the drama they bring.

Keys to spotting the Addict:

  • Its all about them
  • There is no time for you in the conversation
  • They will often repeat themselves until they get the reaction they want
  • Even if you are on their side of a topic you are still the enemy
  • Nothing you say is good enough
  • As soon as they enter the chat room its all about them and they will try to stop other conversation with their antics.
  • They like to name call
  • They like to act out
  • They often seem immature
  • The world hates them
  • Everything is somebody else's fault never theirs
  • Nothing is ever fair!

The Novice

They are new to the path. Each has their own personality and has the potential to become any one of the other groups. They are new just starting out or still unsure and need guidance. They may be excited and ready to jump in or they may be shy, sitting and watching the chat learning from what they read. It is important to remember that we all start off as a novice. Remember how others treated you when you started out. Did you have to struggle on your own? Would you wish that on them? Did you have strong support and guidance? Do you want to share that experience with them? Show them kindness, patience, and encouragement. By helping them you'll be helping yourself become a better person. You don't have to take them under your wing and be a teacher but just showing a little support will help them more then they will know at the time.

The Wannabe

Also called a groupie. Not interested in the religious aspect of magick usually. They just want to be like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Willow, or Charmed. They have big misconceptions about Paganism and Witchcraft. They are more interested in the fantasy then the reality. Some may gain an actual interest in the truth and shed their wannabe ways but most will stay in their own personal land of Oz. They aren't too harmful expect a few will spread their false ideas to others which can be annoying but I normally tolerate them and just try to point out the truth to them. Others are not so kind to them in the chat rooms or forums which I am completely against. Bashing them and making them feel awful will only paint an even worse picture of Pagans and Witches.

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