Persian Folk Tale

There was, at such a time and such a place, a wizard of great repute. Such were the wonders and learnings ascribed to him that he was forced to erect great trials to thin the ranks of those clamoring to learn his secrets.

From fire and water, through sand and air, and past fear and greed emerged two. The first, a young man of reverent demeanor and holy ways, introduced himself thus: "Master, my humble life is dedicated to the pursuit of that Holy of Holies, Truth. I offer my life and my fortune and all that is in my power if you will aid me on my quest."

The second, who's eyes burned with an inner fire, spoke thus: "Great Master, I too have a quest. It has come to me that if I work to know the seeing of many things and the knowing of what I see, a day may come when I can add my grain of sand to that which is known. All that I have, all that I am, I put at your disposal."

The Master, quietly pleased, said: "All I offer is the chance to do the meanest of tasks in my household while you earn the rights to learn the least of what I can teach. If this is agreeable, then you may start."

After many years of effort The two learned much of the four arts. They learned to read and understand the stories told in letters, numbers, and the stars. They learned to draw water from the desert, to climb the air as a ladder, and to walk on clouds as though on solid ground. It was in this last place that they came to the time of the final teaching.

"When you have mastered this skill, you will each have the final tool you need for your quest." This said, he gave them the secret of knowing the Truth in whatever they beheld. Once they had shown their mastery, he spoke thus: "The time of teaching has come to an end. Now each of you must seek his destiny. I send you on your way with this final gift and thought: until this day, until this moment, nothing I have taught you or told you has been the Truth."

The reverent apprentice, seeing the Truth in the master's words, plunged to his death in despair. As one, the old master and the new spoke: "He has found his Truth."

Thus, the Truthseeker found his Truth, the seeker learned to see and to know (and added many grains of knowledge to the world), and the wizard added to the magick of the world for a time.

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