The pentacle is the most famed symbol of Witchcraft, Wicca and Paganism. (Without the circle, it is known as a pentagram.) The pentacle and pentagram have been used as symbols of faith and protection across various cultures and religions at some point in time. For example, some early Christians used this symbol to represent the five wounds of Christ. Modern usage of the pentacle and pentagram can be found in Wicca, Satanism, and other Neo-Pagan faiths.

The pentacle in Wicca may serve many functions. As mentioned, the pentacle is a symbol of protection. Pentacles may be drawn (physically, mentally, or spiritually) to serve as protective talisman. For example, a house blessing may incorporate "drawing" pentacles in the air around doors and windows to prevent the intrusion of negative energies. The pentacle as a tool in Wicca is generally a pentagram engraved or drawn on a wood or metallic disc. Many use this tool to place other objects upon during consecration to dedicate objects to a specific purpose (e.g.: cleanse and bless a stone to be used in a healing spell).

Another usage of the pentacle in Wicca is as a symbol of one's degree in Wicca. In some traditions, an inverted pentacle represents the second degree. Many times the pentacle or inverted pentacle will be worn on ritual clothes or jewelry either as sign of degree within a coven that uses them or for personal preference. The wearing of the pentacle is believed to provide protection to the wearer. Some believe that a worn pentacle is more effective if it cannot be readily seen.

Pentacles and pentagrams are often worn as necklaces to symbolize the religion of Wicca and other faiths, but they have a deeper meaning than just a symbol. The five points all relate to the elements that Wiccans believe everything is made from. The elements are Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit. Some believe that the circle around the pentagram symbolizes the Goddess and God, or deity. Because of these and other associations made with the pentacle, pentacles and pentagrams may be used as a focal point for meditations, spells, and rituals.

The pentagram above shows the symbols of the elements by the points of the pentagram with their respective colors.

White = Spirit
Yellow = Air
Green = Earth
Red = Fire
Blue = Water
(Note: sometimes the order of the elements on the pentagram is different depending on tradition.)
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