Past Lives

"In the fullness of time, we shall meet, know, remember, and love again."

There are several theories of reincarnation and past lives, but I won't go into too much depth here — it is a subject worth researching if you are so inclined. The first, a Buddhist theory I believe, but don't quote me on that, is that we 'progress' from a simpler (some say 'lower') life form to a more complex life form, i.e., we begin as mitochondria and work our way 'up' the evolutionary ladder. The adherents to this theory say that humanity is the rung. Another says we can reincarnate as any critter at any time, depending what Karmic/Spiritual lessons we need to learn at any given moment. Yet a third holds that we reincarnate as the same thing all the time, humans always come back as humans, until they get it right. Whether other animals have chances to 'screw up' as much as humans and need as much reincarnation to get it right, I've never heard.

Most of these theories assume that time is in actuality as we perceive it to be — linear, and unidirectional. Being a big fan of science, and aware that time curves, I have different ideas.

Regardless of the true nature of Past Lives, the fact remains, most of us have memories of living in days gone by. Why do we want to access these memories? Because of the Delphic principle we learned way back at the beginning — know thyself.

There are several ways to learn about our past lives:
A. Hypnotic Regression $$$$$
B. Psychic Consultant $$$
C. Self-taught spontaneous regression Free

Most of the following is culled from a wonderful book called Discover Your Past Lives, by Cassandra Eason.

Candle Magick and Past Lives

If you recall, candle magick is one of the easiest to master, so we'll start there. This involves scent as well as color. First, you need a place to begin inquiring — I'll list the correspondences specific to spontaneous regression:


Planet Scent Uses
Moon Jasmine For memories of night-time, moonlight, magickal times
Sun Sandalwood For visions of golden sunny days, exotic places, deserts, fire, and summer festivals
Mercury Lavender Music, glimpses of travel, places where there is laughter and crowds of people
Venus Rose For images of relationships, family scenes, romance, possibly children and animals
Mars Pine For visions of forests, mountains, scenes of nature at its most turbulent and magnificent
Jupiter Honeysuckle For leafy lanes and tangled hedgerows, as well as scenes of ceremony, pageants and slow processions
Saturn Cypress For work life, tool shops, factories, schools and homes full of industry (housework)


White: Beginning new phase of life
Red: Fertility and sexual matters
Orange: Independence, confidence, health
Yellow: Career, any creative endeavor, money
Pink: Affection, family relationships and friendships
Blue: For travel, successful exams, study
Green: Reconciliation, peace
Violet: Magick, hidden wisdom, mystery
Brown: Home, changes of residence, practicality

You begin with a question about a specific time in a previous life — any previous life — usually to shed light on a process you are going through in the Here and Now. Light your scented candle, or candle and joss stick of matching appropriate incense, and use the deep breathing techniques covered in the Elemental lessons — in through the nose and out through the mouth, slowly, deeply, keeping your query in mind.

You want to know, how did you handle such a situation before? What were the results? What were the circumstances? What did you learn that might help you decide on an appropriate course of action now?

Earth Magick (crystals)

The following stones, made into charms to keep under your pillow, or tucked into small bags that you might wear upon your person, or held in your hand while you meditate, should help. Keep in mind that this section I offer for information purposes, but have not tried myself, not having an affinity for this sort of magick.

Crystal Quartz: A perfectly clear stone promotes clear vision, breaking time barriers and barriers of doubt. White quartz for a gentler path. Rose (pink) quartz (crystal of love) helps make your experience a positive one (be wary of this — sometimes what we really need to know is not nice.) Ritulated quartz associated with inner wisdom.
Jade: In the Orient, Jade was associated with reincarnation
Lapis lazuli: (Lazurite) used for over 6,000 years. Powerfully in aiding psychic experiences and combing unconscious wisdom with the conscious power of the mind.
Moonstone: (Selenite, after Selene, full moon goddess) This is believed to absorb the powers of the moon, becoming deeper in color, more translucent and magickal as the moon waxes, until it reaches full. As the moon wanes, so the moonstone becomes paler. Used in moon magick, it is especially useful for past life work by moonlight.
Amber: Fossilized tree resin, associated with the sun. Protective and adds courage.
Jet: Fossilized wood that has been turned into a dense form of coal. Because it is such an ancient stone, it has many magickal uses as a doorway into other dimensions, especially into the past; in divination for increasing psychic powers generally.
Holey Stones: A brown or black stone with a hole formed naturally in it. Through the hole we can see other worlds, other places, other times.


You might pick one of these based on the ruling planet of your horoscope, or to strengthen an area in which you feel weak.

The Sun: Brass, gold or gold alloy represents the conscious achievement side of our nature.
The Moon: Silver or silver alloy stands for the unconscious wisdom that comes through in our dreams, visions, and sudden insights.
Mercury: Aluminum represents an interactive approach to any problems and all matters of communication, including with self.
Venus: Copper is the metal for all love and relationship issues.
Mars: Iron or steel is for courage to stand up for what you believe is right.
Jupiter: Tin or bronze is for conventional wisdom and justice. Following all the necessary steps, instead of relying on intuitive leaps.
Saturn: Lead and pewter are for endings or restrictions and where inner doubts or the criticisms of others may be blocking progress.

General Recommendations

Every now and then, when reading perhaps or watching docudramas, or historical movies, we get a flash, a strange sense of recognition. Write it down! See how it reflects on your own life at the time.

Use a pendulum to find ley lines and sacred places to increase your ability. Hold pendulum over a map of the local area, and ask it to indicate 'yes' over such places. Then go there, and use you pendulum again to discover the exact location.

Visit historical sites and museums and look at what draws you in particular, or give you flashbacks (although flashbacks could also be a sign of a misspent youth.)

Concentrate on something special from your childhood and it may lead you remembrances of other childhoods.

Listen to what your children say regarding their own past lives but don't question them or try to force them.

Where Was it I Last Saw You?

This is a very good ritual to do with someone you feel a strong connection to. I can even report that it works well on-line.

  1. In a dim room place a green candle between you. Sit on either side of the candle and think or ask, "Where was it I last saw you?"
  2. Look beyond the other person and describe the setting you see. Let your partner continue the process, interacting until you have recreated a scene in which you can both happily share (again, be wary of the 'happily' bit — sometimes what we most need to know is not pleasant).
  3. If there others present (in your vision), identify them and your feelings towards them. Explore the immediate surroundings together. If indoors, look through the windows or go for a walk. Look at your possessions and any tools of your trade. Talk about the hopes and fears you share in this former life.
  4. Blow out the green candle together and let the loving light fill you both with gentle happiness (Euphoria, is more like it!) If possible, spend the rest of the evening alone together (this is specific for couples, but the ritual works well for any two people who feel a strong connection.)

Try using a mirror to reflect the candle light and a crystal to reflect and refract. Remember that any scrying device, such as a mirror or bowl of water can be used to see visions of the past as well as of the future.

Keep a dream journal, sometimes elements of past lives come through in our dreams.

Dream Pillow

(all herbs dried unless otherwise specified)

  • 3 parts mugwort
  • 1 part lemon balm
  • 1 part rose petals
  • ½ part hops
  • ½ part chamomile
  • Pinch lavender

Sew together a pillow 4 inches by 4 inches — cut a four by eight inch piece of cloth and fold over. Stitch up two sides, leaving the other open. Stuff with herbal mixture and sew up opening. Put inside your pillowcase next to your nose.

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