Pagan Community Code

The following are various forms of Codes of Conduct as presented by various Pagan Communities. These in no way represent all Pagan Paths, Traditions or Faiths and are not to be taken as structure of beliefs for the Pagan Community as a whole.

CPC Personal Code of Honor

  • I will consider my pledged word sacred.
  • I will respect all others’ rights to freedom, safety, privacy and differing opinions.
  • I will take care, in my personal behavior, to consider the feelings and comfort of others.
  • I will respect the life of this planet.
  • I will seek to repair what I have wrongly damaged and to heal those whom I have wrongly harmed.
  • Honesty is valuable. I will remember this in thought, word and deed.

Golden Dawn Rede, NROOGD

  • An it harm no one, do you as you will.
  • You may not alter another's life/karma without his permission.
  • Solve the problem, no more, no less. All power comes from the Goddess.
  • You must help your brothers and sisters in the Craft as best you can.
  • If you stick your hand in a flame, you'll get burned.

Covenant of the Goddess

  • An ye harm none, do as ye will.
  • No one may offer initiations for money, nor charge initiates money to learn the Craft.
  • Any Witch may charge reasonable fees to the public.
  • Witches shall respect the autonomy of other Witches.
  • All Witches shall respect the secrecy of the Craft.
  • In any public statement Witches should distinguish whether we are speaking for ourselves, our coven, or our Church.
  • All these Ethics are interwoven and derive from 'Craft Law'.

Eclectic Pagan Ethics

  • Know yourself.
  • You are free;
  • And if it harms no one, including yourself, do as you will.
  • Whatever you do comes back to you.
  • Power is gained through knowledge.
  • Do not worship stupidity.

Elven Trad Ethics

  • If you harm none, do as you will.
  • Whatever action you take will return to you threefold.
  • Judge not the path of another for her or his path is sacred.

Feminist Dianic Ethics

  • Do as thou wilt and harm none.
  • Don't think you're omnipotent; don't waste time in self-importance, vain-glorying, guilt, or paranoia about your woman's magick.
  • Maintain a sense of humor.
  • Don't throw a spell in anger.
  • Build up the inner temple (the body and the psyche), which is portable and all that we have.
  • Do no evil — but act in self-defense and affirmation.
  • A Witch bows to no man.
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