Other Names for the Fairy

Fays: Early form of the word
Fair Family/Fair Folk: Welsh nickname
Farisees/Pharisees: Suffolk nickname
Fary: Northumberland nickname
Fees: Upper Brittany nickname
Feriers/Ferishers: Another Suffolk nickname
Frairies: Norfolk and Suffolk version
Good Neighbors: Scottish and Irish nickname
Good People: Irish reference to the Sidhe
The Green Children: Fairy reference in medieval literature
Greencoaties: Lincolnshire Fen version
Greenies: Lancashire nickname
The Grey Neighbors: Shetland nickname for the Trows
Henkies: Orkney and Shetland nickname for Trows
Klippe: Forfarshire nickname
Li'l Fellas: Manx nickname
The Old People: Cornish nickname
People of Peace: Irish reference to the Sidhe
Pigsies/Piskies: Cornwall variations of Pixies
Sith/Si: Gaelic variations of Sidhe
Sleigh Beggey: Manx language version of Little Folk
The Small People of Cornwall: Cornwall variation
Still-Folk: Scottish Highland version
Themselves/They/Them that's in it: Manx replacements for "fairy"
Verry Volk: Gower (Wales) nickname
Wee Folk: Scottish and Irish nickname

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