Omens, Superstitions and Other Oddities

Following are short paragraphs with odd bits and pieces of information relating one way or another to our industry. Some of these connections may seem a little oblique in their relationships to jewelry, but I pass them on for, if nothing else, their informative and entertaining value. That said:


The belief exists that evil can be transferred to this stone. So — as an example — if you were to be bitten by a poisonous creature, let's say a scorpion or a spider, you would have nothing more to do than place your handy agate on the spot where you were bitten, and voila, you're cured. Worn around the neck, they lose their natural color in order to warn the wearer of impending danger. They also help cool boiling water, sharpen vision, promote fertility in women, drive away tempests, stop bleeding, and cure epilepsy. It's clearly a handy stone to have around your neck just in case.


The Ankh symbolizes eternity and life. In olden times it was usually held in the hand of a god and applied to the nose of a dead man in order to ensure his life in the afterworld. It looks somewhat like a key which, some say, accounts for its symbolism as an instrument to unlock the Gates of Death. Today, it appears, no one any longer believes it holds any special mystical powers.


You want some of the realm? Ok. Here's how. Seeing someone with polka-dot clothing will bring you money. Keep a bent coin in your pocket, you'll have good luck, as long as you take it out every new moon and spit on it. Place the first coin of the day you receive in your pocket, it will attract more. Of course, you have to remember to kiss it first, then spit on it, then put it in your pocket.


Put it on the eyes of a deceased person, the spirit comes back for another life on earth. It attracts rain, it encourages plant growth. The moon is the home of Yu-t'u, the Jade Hare, who, it is said, brews the elixir of life from crushed jade. In New Zealand, there are jade amulets called "hei-tiki". They are carved to look like little men. They are considered fertility symbols and represent the continuing life force.


It falls under the planetary rulership of Mercury and contains the power to lure its possessor into strange and unknown realms. Wonder if Rod Sterling owned one. If its owner dies of an illness, the opal loses its luster. Black opals — they're gorgeous by the way — are especially fortunate as good luck charms. They strengthen sight, cure eyes diseases, and make the wearer invisible. This last trait is a neat trick, and I, personally, would very much like to have one work its magic for me.

Ring Finger

Stroke it along any sore or wound, and that sore or wound will be healed.

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