Oils are best used to anoint candles before lighting them. When wishing to attract something, rub the oil on the candle from the end to the wick. A few drops of an essential oil can also be placed direction on the top of votive candles. If you put a votive candle in a small cast-iron cauldron to burn, drop the oil in the bottom of the cauldron first. This not only allows the scent to be released with the burning candle, but also help to keep the wax from sticking to the cauldron. Never drink any essential oils.

Amber: Used for happiness and love.
Bayberry: Long associated with prosperity and money, bayberry is also useful in gaining control of a situation.
Bergamot: A spicy oil, it can aid in attracting money, happiness, and optimism.
Carnation: This oil is most helpful in healing spells, for it draws in strength and protection. Legends associate this oil and the flower with Venus and the warrior Ajax.
Cedar: Oil made from the cedar tree will remove hexes, purify, and heal.
Cinnamon: A scent of richness and money, this oil can also be used for purification and to gain energy.
Clove: Basically a healing oil, clove will also stimulate creativity.
Frankincense and myrrh: This combination is valuable for purification, protection, healing, and great spirituality.
Frangipani: Traditionally, this is an oil for attracting love and the perfect mate.
Gardenia: A sweet-smelling oil, gardenia is used for peace, love, healing, harmony, and happiness.
Heliotrope: This oil attracts wealth and gives protection.
Honeysuckle: The oil of this flower both attracts money and strengthens psychic abilities.
Jasmine: Some people believe that only the extremely expensive, pure jasmine oil will attract love, money, and psychic dreams. However, others have found the less expensive oil works just as well. A symbol of sensuality, the name is said to come from the Persian word Ysmyn.
Juniper: Use for protection.
Lavender: This flower oil is primarily used for healing and love.
Lilac: Used to ward off evil and to protect.
Lotus: A sacred flower and oil in ancient Egypt and India, this oil brings protection and purification, while promoting spirituality.
Magnolia: This oil is best for establishing a sense of oneness with nature.
Musk: Although primarily used to attract the opposite sex and promote sexual love, musk can also draw in prosperity.
Myrrh: This oil will break hexes, heal, aid psychic development, and protect.
Patchouli: This oil promotes love and purification.
Peppermint: An oil of great energy, it can stimulate creativity and attract money.
Pine: This oil can protect and cleanse.
Rose: An oil of love, rose also cleanses the atmosphere of a room.
Sage: This oil of purification also aids in finding wisdom and truth.
Sandalwood: Primarily an oil of great spirituality and cleansing.
Vanilla: This oil attracts sexual love.
Vetiver: A powerful oil to be used sparingly, it removes hexes, attracts money, and can stimulate love.
Violet: Use this oil to gain luck and love. It also is helpful in finding wisdom to resolve a problem.
Ylang ylang: This is an oil of love and harmony.

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