Many different cultures practice the giving of offerings or sacrifices in order to get what they want. Offerings are given in exchange for wishes granted, as thanks for a bountiful harvest, or as offerings to ensure a plentiful harvest. Some witches use offerings to the gods, plants, animals or fairy folk in exchange for wishes, harvest, food or help. There all types of offerings suitable for many occasions.

Some Native Americans make little bundles of tobacco in squares of red cloth. These little bundles, about the size of a dime, are hung in trees or buried in the ground as offerings to the spirits. Spirits and fairy folk are fond of the sweet-smelling tobacco and it can be used to entice the little people or sprinkled around the home to attract money and good fortune.

Fairies especially favor sweets as offerings. Cookies, cakes, bread and honey, milk, candies, and liqueur are special favorites of the little people. Leave sweets, brandy, wine, bright shiny coins or objects and other treats to entice the fairies to help you in your magic. If you have lost an item, I have found a particular practice works better than any other at finding what you have lost. My family members that are not witches often use this trick from time to time. If you have misplaced something, leave a wealthy offering outside for the little people. As you place the treats on the ground, ask aloud that you wish the fairies to help you find your missing item. Then go back inside. Sit down in a comfortable chair and completely clear your mind of everything. Forget what you are looking for and calm down, even if you are in a hurry and trying to find your keys. Let your mind go blank and the n let it wander. The first picture to flash in your head is the place where you left the item. This may not work on your first try. Practice by closing your eyes and envisioning yourself flying through the house. You will stop in the place where the item likely will be. If you check and it is not there, then try again. You probably did not mean to leave your mind blank. On the other hand, the little people may have hidden it to protect you from something.

Sometimes we must take from plants, whether in our gardens or in the wild. Usually, if the plant is in our garden we do not need to leave an offering or ask the plant for what we wish to take from it. The plants should have an understanding with you that you give them shelter, care and fertilizer in exchange for what you need, so both of you gain from the experience. Plants in the wild, however, do not need you to help them and should be thanked with an offering of fertilizer and perhaps some water. Likewise, if you take an item from the earth, such as a stone or a twig which has remained for a good while, the best way to keep from tracking any of the energies back with you is to leave behind a gift for the earth. Seed offerings such as beans, corn or rice can serve as the sacred grain and can be used to fill the hole from which you pried the stone.

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