Numbers Correspondences
Number Symbolizes
Zero The unknowable, the magick circle, the Void or Ether, the moment before the “Big Bang”, potential
One The self, singularity of mind and purpose, the Sun, beginnings
Two Partnership, duality for the boon or bane, truth and beauty in balance
Three Harmony, body-mind-spirit in symmetry, the trinity, fate and manifestation
Four Earth, the four corners of creation, the elements, stability and completion
Five Protection, accountability, the pentagram
Six Creativity, safety, dedication
Seven The Moon, synchronicity, psychism
Eight The Wheel of Time, reincarnation, authority, transition
Nine Matters of law, grace, fulfillment
Ten Follow through, precision
Eleven The emotions, our higher self
Twelve Concessions, cleansing, abundance
Thirteen The complete moon cycle, tenacity, a covenstead, luck
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