Nine Easy Steps for Making a Magick Potion
  1. Gather together all the ingredients you will need to make the potion. Light a candle if you like, matching its color and dedication to your potion’s purpose. Be sure to place your candle(s) near your working surface as a focusing tool, but not in the way.
  2. Draw a magick circle around your working area. For example, if you’re working in the kitchen, draw a magick circle around the entire room.
  3. Call in the elemental powers to your circle. A shorthand method for doing this is by saying something like: “I ask that the generous powers of earth, air, fire, and water come into this circle. Come I pray you!”
  4. Call in the spirit, the Divine, into your circle by saying something like: “May the Divine Ones enter into this circle and bless this potion with their Divine power.”
  5. Next, empower the potion ingredients.
  6. Make the potion.
  7. Empower the potion once more with a magickal incantation, and then use it immediately as suggested.
  8. Thank the elements and spirit.
  9. Pull up the magick circle and put everything away.
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