Names and Attributes of the Tarot Trumps
Name Hebrew Signs
Fool Aleph Air
Magician Beth Mercury
High Priestess Gimel Moon
Empress Daleth Venus
Emperor Heh Aries
Hierophant Vau Taurus
Lovers Zayin Gemini
Chariot Cheth Cancer
Fortitude Teth Leo
Hermit Yod Virgo
Wheel of Fortune Caph Jupiter
Justice Lamed Libra
Hanged Man Mem Water
Death Nun Scorpio
Temperance Samekh Sagittarius
Devil Ayin Capricorn
Blasted Tower Peh Mars
The Star Tzaddi Aquarius
The Moon Qoph Pisces
The Sun Resh Sun
Judgment Shin Fire
Universe Tau Saturn
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