Names and Attributes of the Minor Arcana of the Trumps
Card Lord Of Decan Sign
5 of Wands Strife Saturn Leo
6 of Wands Victory Jupiter Leo
7 of Wands Valor Mars Leo
8 of Pentacles Prudence Sun Virgo
9 of Pentacles Material Gains Venus Virgo
10 of Pentacles Wealth Mercury Virgo
2 of Swords Peace Restored Moon Libra
3 of Swords Sorrow Saturn Libra
4 of Swords Rest from Strife Jupiter Libra
5 of Cups Loss in Pleasure Mars Scorpio
6 of Cups Pleasure Sun Scorpio
7 of Cups Illusionary Success Venus Scorpio
8 of Wands Swiftness Mercury Sagittarius
9 of Wands Great Strength Moon Sagittarius
10 of Wands Oppression Saturn Sagittarius
2 of Pentacles Harmonious Change Jupiter Capricorn
3 of Pentacles Material Works Mars Capricorn
4 of Pentacles Earthy Power Sun Capricorn
5 of Swords Defeat Venus Aquarius
6 of Swords Earned Success Mercury Aquarius
7 of Swords Unstable Effort Moon Aquarius
8 of Cups Abandoned Success Saturn Pisces
9 of Cups Material Happiness Jupiter Pisces
10 of Cups Perpetual Success Mars Pisces
2 of Wands Dominion Mars Aries
3 of Wands Established Strength Sun Aries
4 of Wands Perfected Work Venus Aries
5 of Pentacles Material Trouble Mercury Taurus
6 of Pentacles Material Success Moon Taurus
7 of Pentacles Success Unfulfilled Saturn Taurus
8 of Swords Shortened Force Jupiter Gemini
9 of Swords Despair and Cruelty Mars Gemini
10 of Swords Ruin Sun Gemini
2 of Cups Love Venus Cancer
3 of Cups Abundance Mercury Cancer
4 of Cups Blended Pleasure Moon Cancer
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