Mythcial Beasts
Name Description
Banshee The Banshee was a spirit of the fair folk. If a person was talented with the fairy arts, which were dance, song, or art, she would follow them in life. When such a person neared death, the Banshee’s wailing was forewarning.
Basilisk This creature looks like a giant lizard with four pairs of legs. It’s gaze will turn any living creature to stone. This creature comes from medieval legends.
Bigfoot Also known as the yeti and various other names. This large manlike creature is said to dwell in the hills and mountains of the wilderness. Often described as being covered with hair and standing 8-9 feet tall. Legends of the Bigfoot have been around for centuries. Except for some odd footprints, some hair found on a branch, or strange blurry pictures, it is still not known if this creature really exists.
Centaur Depicted as half man half horse. Represented wisdom and old age. These excellent archers can be found in many Roman and Greek legends.
Cerberus The three headed dog that guarded the entrance to the underworld in Greek legends.
Chimera This strange beast comes out of Greek legends. It is said to have the head of a goat, lion, and dragon (or snake depending on the source) with various different parts of the three beasts making up the rest of the animal. One legend tells of Bellerophon (Greek hero) taming Pegasus to aid him in battle against the Chimera.
Cockatrice This creature looks like a strange cross between a rooster and a dragon or snake. Its gaze can turn a person to stone. Often in legend this creature is confused with the Basilisk.
Cyclops Barbaric giants that have only one eye. They are evil and have been known to eat the flesh of humans.
Dragon A reptile like creature found with or without wings. In legend it is said they breath fire, guard ancient treasures, and dwell in the mountain caves. Depending on the story this creature can be good or evil, intelligent or animal-like, but the thing all the stories agree upon was that dragons were magickal.
Dryads (Dryads, Hamadryades) are female spirits of nature who preside over the groves and forests. Each one is born with a certain tree over which she watches — she comes into existence with it and often lives in a tree.
Dwarves A race of beings found within most modern fantasy books. A people of short stature that have a liking for stone. Dwarves are a warrior race and are good blacksmiths. For some reason they are also noted for their dislike for elves.
Elves A mythical people that have a strong ability toward magick. Said to dwell in woodlands and to enjoy a lifespan of centuries. Depending on the legend elves can be short pixie like creatures or a tall people of uncommon grace and power.
Tree Ents (Tree folk) These are tritely the fold of the forests. These intelligent trees guard the ancient forests. In Tolkien stories they guarded holy forests from those whom would destroy them.
Fairies Small people with insect like wings. Sometimes known as sprites these winged spirits of the forests are known for the tricks they play on mortals or in some cases the magickal aid they can give. On midsummer nights it is said they can be seen dancing in the forest clearings.
Ganesha Ganesha or Ganapati is an extremely popular God in India. People mostly worship Him asking for success in undertakings, and intelligence. He is worshipped before any venture is started. He is also the God of education, knowledge and wisdom, literature, and the fine arts.
Gargoyles Gargoyles are guardian statues placed into the decoration of many castles and buildings. How can a lifeless stone statue guard anything? Perhaps they are not as lifeless as they seem.
Ghosts Half seen spectral apparitions through to be the souls of people long dead. In stories they either inspire fear or give warning to the living.
Griffin A lion with the head, front claws, and wings of an eagle. Often seen in European coat of arms. The most noted can be seen on the coat of arms of the English royal family.
Gnomes Gnomes are a small folk similar to elves. It is said they are the Fairy shoemakers. If a Gnome is found he will have gold because fairies pay them to make their dancing shoes. But, like the Leprechauns don’t take your eyes off them for they will vanish. In fantasy stories they are a people similar to dwarves. They live underground and make fantastic inventions.
Goblins These small creatures are found in many stories. Most often portrayed as evil imp-like creatures that delight in playing tricks on humans.
Harpy A woman with the bottom portion and wings of a vulture. These creatures were originally sent by the Greek Gods to torment the evil doer. To the Greek the Harpy represented justice. Later on in the middle ages they came to symbolize greed and the devil.
Hippocampus The Hippocampus is a horse with the back half of a fish. This creature springs from Greek legends.
Hippogryph The Hippogryph looks like a horse but with the head, front claws and wings of an eagle. This creature is said to come from the union between a gryphon and a horse.
Hobbit Hobbits are a cheerful folk, fond of eating and friendship. They are shorter than dwarves and have hair on their toes. Hobbits are a people onto themselves.
Hydra A serpent or dragon with five or more heads. In Greek legends this creature could only be defeated by cutting off it’s heads and then burning the neck. If this was not done where one head was cut off two more would grow in it’s place.
Imp These small devilish creatures love to play tricks on mortals. Often their tricks tend toward the cruel side. In some stories mages were able to sometimes summon these creatures to do their bidding.
Jersey Devil Within the Pine Barrens of New Jersey dwells a devil like creature.
Leprechauns The small elves, or gnomes, dwell in the hills of Ireland. It is told that each owns a pot of gold. If a human is lucky enough to catch them then they must have the Leprechaun lead them to where the gold is hidden. But beware, catching a Leprechaun is not easy for he is cleaver and once caught never take your eyes off of him for he will be gone in the blink of an eye.
Loch Ness Monster Within Scotland there is a large deep lake called Loch Ness. For ages people around the lake have told stories of seeing a strange creature or sea serpent within the Lock’s dark waters. Some people have even been able to get pictures although they are blurry. Scientists are even probing the Loch’s depths in hope of finding proof of it’s existence.
Manticor A lion with the head of a man and the tail of a scorpion. These creatures roam the wilderness within the fantasy world. It is said they have a taste for man.
Medusa She was one of the three Gorgon sisters. They had living snakes as hair, bronze hands, and golden wings. Sometimes they were also shown having a snake’s tail instead of legs. Any who looked at them would be turned to stone. They were the daughters of a sea god and a sea monster. The sisters’ names were Stheno, Euryale, and Medusa.
Mermaid A woman with the tail of a fish. Said to be the daughters of the Triton God of the seas. The song of a mermaid has been said to be able to entrance sailors.
Minotaur Man with the head of a bull. It is said that King Minos kept the creature in a large labyrinth. They would send captured enemies into the labyrinth for food for the Minotaur.
Naga The Naga looks like a snake but has the head of a human. They are used as temple guardians for some fantasy stories. Nagas originate from India.
Naidas Naiads were nymphs of bodies of fresh water and were one of the three main classes of water nymphs (the others being Nereids (nymphs of the Mediterranean Sea) and the Oceanids (nymphs of the oceans). The Naidas presided over rivers, streams, brooks, springs, fountains, lakes, ponds, wells and marshes. They were divided into various subclasses: Crinaeae (fountains), Pegaeae (springs), Eleionomae (marshes), Optimizes (rivers), and Limnades or Limnatides (lakes).
Nymph In Greek mythology, Nymphs were spirits of nature. Even though they were female divinities of lower rank, still they were revered as protectors of springs, mountains, grottoes, trees, the sea and rivers. They were portrayed as young, pretty girls, each subtype presiding over whichever aspect of nature they represented.
Ogre Large beast-like men with low intelligence that roam within many legends. More akin to trolls and giants, these creatures are often battled by heroes and are known to be evil. It is said they enjoy the taste of man.
Orcs A race of degenerate creatures that look like distorted humans with animal features. Tribes of these evil creatures roam the fantasy worlds battling humans. In Tolkian it was told that dark forces took elves and warped them through dark magic into orcs.
Pegasus Is a horse with wings. In legend they were creatures created by the Greek God Zeus.
Phoenix A firebird. This bird of myth is said to always rise from the ashes. The bird was sometimes seen as a sign of good luck or a bad omen depending on the legend.
Piasa Bird In Illinois there is a local Native American legend that tells of a great bird that would eat humans. When Europeans came they saw the bird painted on the cliffs.
Roc Giant eagles that were large enough to block out the sun with the shadow of their wings. They were said to prey on elephants and other large animals. These birds come from Arabian legends.
Satyr A man with the legs and tail of a goat. Stemming from Greek legends they are said to like music, which they would play from their pipes as they danced in the woodland glens. They are also thought to be quite promiscuous and lustful.
Selkie A shape shifting folk that can change from human into seals. It is said that they dwell in the Northern seas around the Orkney islands.
Sleipnir Sleipnir was an eight-legged horse that was able to travel through the sea and air. It served as steed to the great Norse god Odin. This creature was the child of Loki (Norse god trickster) and a mighty stallion.
Sphinx Has the body of a lion and the head of a human. In Egypt the Sphinx was a creature used to guard temples and other holy places. Statues of them are often found outside of tomes. The most noted is the statue of the Great Sphinx. In Greece the Sphinx was a monster that attacked a city in one of their legends. The beast challenged people to a riddle. If they answered wrong they died. Finally a hero came and answered the riddle, thereby setting the city free. The riddle was this: What walks on four legs in the morning, on two at mid-day (noon), and three in the evening? The answer was man.
Titans The Titans were the older race of Gods before the Greek Gods like Zeus and his crew took claim of their place. There was a great battle between them in which the Titans lost. The Titans looked like giant humans.
Trolls Large underground dwelling creatures that by legend have a taste for man. In certain fairy tales they live under bridges and other dark areas ready for the unwary traveler to come.
Unicorn A horse with a single horn. Said to have magical powers in healing and the bringing of luck. The horn of the unicorn was prized for its ability to nullify all poisons that it came in contact with. Legend says that only they may approach those most pure in heart and soul.
Vampires Throughout history people have told stories of manlike demons that feed off blood in the night. Most Vampire legends were born in the middle ages because of fear of the black plague and ignorance. The most noted legend is the story of Dracula.
Werewolves Humans that can shape shift into a wolf or a half-wolf form. They tend to only transform during the full moon.
Zombies They haunt graveyards and horror movies. The Zombie is an undead creature that appears to be half-rotting and is said to like to eat the brains of the living.
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