My Indian Thing

This the most complete vision I have had regarding my previous incarnation. For lack of a better term, I call it my Indian thing. The story came to me in bits and pieces and small flashes. Most of the revelations came when I was swimming either in my pool or in the Chattahoochee river.

My first glimpse was in the early summer this year. I had just finished with some yard work and it was hot. I was lazily floating in the pool cooling off when I "saw" me swimming in some shallow water near a bank on a river. I was wading ashore through some reeds. I had the impression that I was a male Native American. Had a Bowie type knife in my right hand. The scene disappeared as quickly as it came.

How did I know what I was looking at? This particular vision appeared the same way that another past life popped into my current reality.

A few weeks later, I was in a class that was studying past lives and doing a meditation exploring past lives. We were instructed to look on the big screen and see a past life. The first one I saw was the male Indian walking into the village. I was wearing fringed buckskin long pants and shoes. I had long, straight, black hair and no shirt. It was dry and warm, but not too hot. To my right was a tepee and other than an eagle painted near the top, there was something in red on it as well, but I am not clear as to the image. I had a feeling of impending judgment. The village appeared to be unoccupied for the moment.

About two weeks after that class, I was rafting on the Chattahoochee with several friends. We pulled over to the little beach across from diving rock to watch the idiots jumping into the water. It was hot and I decided to go swimming in the river.

I plunged into almost a quarter of the way into it and soon as I did, I felt transformed. When I surfaced, I could see the rest of the drama playing itself out before me. I was back in the other river and had come ashore. There was a young woman with her back to me. I snuck up to her. At this point, my conscious mind knew what was going to happen and I raced back to the beach. NG asked me what was wrong, and I told her, nothing. Grabbed a beer and took a long drink. She asked me again what was the matter. Had she been the only one there, I might have told her, but it was too much to explain to everyone. Fuck it, I thought, might as well go back it and see the rest of it through.

I went back into the river and watched the rest of the scenario. I was on top of the woman, raping her and she was crying. Consciously, I was almost vomiting, but pressed on with the story. The scene shifted as I was making my approach to the village still a little damp. Again, the scene shifted and I was naked and bound to a boulder on a hill and left to die. I could feel the heat beating down on me and was resigned to my fate, wishing only it would be swift. An eagle circled briefly and I could see it was carrying something in his mouth when he sat down next to me.

That ended this chapter and I went back to the beach with the others. NG told me that I didn't look well, and I told her, I would tell her later. We left the area and continued down the Chattahoochee.

A short time later as I was swimming in my pool at home, I saw another chapter of this Indian thing. I don't recall the ambient temperature exactly but, it was fairly warm here. I was just floating and not really thinking about finishing the story when I saw me again tied to the rock. It was very hot and I was very dehydrated. There was an Indian woman who was approaching, keeping her head down. She told me she was a relative of the woman I had raped, a cousin, I think. She loosened my bonds and set me free she said because the other woman felt I had learned my lesson. I felt ashamed and humbled and grateful.

As we started to walk away, she turned toward me so I could see her face. I almost fell over in real time it was NG! Same height and build, but long black hair, not blond. We walked to the edge of the forest and she disappeared for a minute and came back with some leaves she could weave into a makeshift loin cloth. We continued on in silence going deeper into the forest. It was quite a change from the hot, dry hillside a little while before.

Try as I might to force a vision of the Indian thing, I couldn't. The last glimpse came late in August as I was driving down the road from Lexington. We had gotten to a clearing in the forest. Where the forest was dark and very moist, the clearing was sunny and the grass while cool was not wet. She beckoned me to sit down and she sat opposite me. She had a piece of paper in her hand. I am not sure if it was the same as the eagle was carrying. That is the last I have seen of the Indian thing.

When I say I heard or someone said something to me, it was not as though we were speaking in real time. I "heard" it in my head or knew it intuitively so I am not able to place any type of foreign language.

The time frame I think I was dealing with was the late 1700's. Geography is a lot harder to figure out. Originally I thought it might be the southwest, but there is too much forest and moisture. The contrast between the dry and the forest tends to make me think it may be further north, perhaps the Dakotas.

The primary sense I was aware of was sight and feeling. I could see most of my surroundings the blue sky, the rock I was attached to, etc. I could feel the weather and the changes the dry and the moisture. I was also aware of my gut feelings during this incarnation. The power I felt during the rape, the repulsion and dread afterward; the relief at the rescue.

I am told we are shown things from past lives in order to work out a problem in our current incarnation. This particular story did two things for me. It made me "believe" in reincarnation. Prior to this, it was something that seemed like a possibility, but now it became very real. To the skeptics out there who might say that this was nothing more than a dream, I say, bunk! I am aware of when I dream and when I am fully awake. If I were not awake in the river, the pool and the van, I would be dead now. For me, daydreams are never this vivid. This experience made reincarnation "click" and, as a side benefit, lessened my fear of death since I know what lies beyond (well, not 100%, there is a teeny bit of "suppose I am wrong —")

The second thing it did was to expose the origins of my fear of the dark and someone sneaking up on me as I did many years ago. I am better able to be in the dark now.

Subsequent conversations with NG revealed that at the time of my visions on the river with her and the others, she saw the vision herself while I was experiencing it. She had "seen" the entire story and knows the outcome of our time in the clearing in the woods. Even though my curiosity is aroused, we both agreed that when the time was proper for me to know the outcome, it would be revealed to me and she would not tell me it.

There was a point in time that I felt that one of my missions for this incarnation was to pay her back for the kindness she had showed me. She assured me that she did not see this as a necessity that I didn't owe her anything.

For those who are curious, NG and I met on the Atlanta Connection back in early March of this year. We both logged on there within two weeks of each other for the first time. Karma or what?

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