More Superstitions

If you shake the bunch of keys it might bring about a fight.

It is no good to cut your tailoring on Tuesday.

Wednesday entails a second need. (It means you should not start a work on Wednesday other you will have to make a second start)

He has got up from his left side, (it is said to those who look anxious, unhappy, and grim-faced).

Don't look at the new moon in the face of a child, he may fall down.

Cover your bald head or else it may start raining.

Your right eye-lash throbbed you will face happiness.

My palm itches, I will obtain some money.

My sole itches, I may travel.

Water throbbed in his throat, who remembered him?

I bit my tongue, someone must be backbiting on me.

Don't beat against the sandalI, it might rain. (SandalI is a popular means of keeping families warm in winter. It consists of a wooden square table about 40cm high covered with a big cotton quilt, and charcoal fire under beneath in brazier.)

If you draw lines on the ground you will be in debt.

If you sit on the threshold, your father will be in debt.

Water was shed, it is a good omen.

Some evil door rubbed pig fat in her clothes and made her hateful to all.

Some one dropped Myrobalan on her in her wedding night and made her hateful to her husband.

A magpie is sitting on the wall, some message might come to us.

If water (from a bowel) spills out with a sound, it means that some guest will come.

If the comb falls down a guest will come.

If you arrive somewhere at a time when others are just starting their meals it means that you mother-in-law likes you very much.

Don't click the scissors, it brings about a fight.

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