Miscellaneous Spells

A Quartz and Candle Spell
Abundant Food Spell
Air Spell
All-Purpose Pentacle Spell
Alleviate Symptoms of Depression
An All Purpose Spell to Affect Another
Anger Spell
Aquarius Energy Spell
Aries Energy Spell
Artistic Inspiration
Astral Projection
Astral Projection
Astral Projection
Bad Bus Driver Four Element Spell
Bad Dreams
Be a Winner Spell
Binding a Spell (Classic Version)
Binding Spell
Bowl Reversal Spell
Break Another Witch’s Spell
Breaking a Spell
Caduceus Spell for Gaining Wisdom
Caduceus Spell for Resolving a Fight
Call Me Spell
Call of Nine
Cancer Energy Spell
Candle Enchantment
Candle Spell
Candle Spell to Help Choose Your Classes
Capricorn Energy Spell
Chameleon Spell
Charming Spell
Closure Spell
Combat Irritability and Soothe Your Nerves
Communication Spell
Confidence in Social Situations
Confidence Spell
Cord Binding
Cord Spell
Cutting Through the Red Tape Spell
Detect Another Witch
Don't Call Me Spell
Drawing Down the Moon
Drawing Out a Latent Talent
Dream Magick
Dream Recall Spell
E-Mail Cyber Spell
Earth Spell
Ease a Grumpy Baby
Ease Insomnia
Ease Insomnia
Ease Insomnia
Ease Insomnia
Ease PMS
Ease Sleeplessness and Stress
Ease Tension
Elemental Strength Spell
Empower a Potion
Enchanted Door Spell
Enchanted Green Man Harvest Candle Spell
Exam Affirmation
Fairy Spell
Farewell Spell
Fertility Spell
Find a Lost Article
Find Your Personal Parking Space
Finding Spell
Finding Spell
Fire Spell
Fix Machinery without Your Hands
Focus Rattle Spell
Food Charge Chant
Full Body Banishing Pentacle
Full Body Invoking Pentacle
Gemini Energy Spell
General Charge for Spell Work
General Spell for Action
Get Someone to Remember You
Get Unstuck in Mud or Snow
Getting Rid of a Bad Roommate or Unwelcome House Guest Spell
Giving a Problem Over to Deity
Gossip Spell
Happiness/Comfort Spell
Happy Home Spell
Heating Spell
Help Remove Stretch Marks
Home Repair Spell
Humbling Spell
Ice Spell
Imprint Your Aura for Success
Incense Spell
Increase Intelligence
Increase Your Energy
Induce Sleep
Induce Sleep
Insect Repellent
Invisibility Spell
Invisibility Spell
It's Over Spell
Jumbo Candle Spell
Jump Start Balloon Spell
Key of Opening Talisman
Key to Success Spell
Laying a Job to Rest Spell
Leo Energy Spell
Libra Energy Spell
Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board
Little Bo Peep Spell to Find Lost Objects
Locked Door
Magick Bulletin Board Spell
Magick Energy Spell
Magick Mirror Spell
Magickal Objects
Maintain Sobriety
Making a Magick Pooka
Making the Best Choice Spell
Meditation Aid
Mental Balancing and Depression
Non-Magickals Enlightenment Spell
Now You See Me, Now You Don't, Invisibility Spell
Object Properties
Outdoor Bad Boss Spell
Outdoor Spell for Juggling Your Busy Schedule
Owl Wisdom
Peace and Harmony Spell
Peace and Quiet Spell
Peace Be with You Spell
Phone Call Spell
Pisces Energy Spell
Poppet Spell
Potent Fertility Sachet
Potent Meditation Sachet
Potent Spiritual Awareness Sachet
Power Spell
Prevent Intoxication
Psychic Meditation Spell
Pucker Up You Sucker Spell
Rainbow Curfew Spell
Raw Energy Spell
Recall a Spell
Reduce Tension and Stress
Reflection Spell
Releasing Negative Energy
Releasing Negativity
Relieve Tension
Restless Baby
Reversing Spell
Reversing Your Own Spellwork
Ridding Yourself of Negatives
Sagittarius Energy Spell
Sand Sigils
Scorpio Energy Spell
Secret Messages
Secret Spell
Seeking Knowledge
Self-Breaking Karma Enhancer
Sibling Sugar Spell
Simple Candle and Meditation Spell
Softening Spell
Speed Up Time
Spell Binder
Spell for Bullies
Spell for Everything
Spell for Fertility
Spell for Finding a New Home
Spell for if You've Been Thrown Out of the House
Spell for Soothing a Mind
Spell for the Holidays
Spell to Accelerate Time
Spell to Banish a Bad Habit
Spell to Call Up a Hearth Spirit
Spell to Catch a Criminal
Spell to Ease Homesickness and Bring Happiness
Spiritual Awareness
Spiritual Enlightenment
Stop a Certain Person From Entering Your Home
Strength Spell
Stress Relief
String Spell
Stuffed Animal Sweet Dream Spell
Success in Sports
Sudden Success Spell
Sunflower Power Spell
Take It Easy Spell
Talisman of Finding
Tame a Temper
Taurus Energy Spell
The Crabby Teacher Spell
The Exam Spell
The Fire Giant Spell
The Goddess Charm
The Nasty Customer Spell
The Spell of Selket to Remove Negativity and Stop Gossip
The Void Box Spell
Three Times Three Spell to Have Someone See His Errors
To Activate Group Effort
To Banish Personal Negativity
To Become Calm and Centered
To Cause Dreams
To Conceive a Baby
To Conceive a Baby
To Ensure Fertility
To Gain Entrance into a Group or Club
To Gain Forgiveness
To Gain Understanding of Literature or Other Material
To Get Rid of Fear
To Make a Decision
To Prevent Fertility
To Relieve the Pressure of an Unfair Professor
To Return a Lost Pet
To Rid Yourself of Your Troubles
To Speed Down Time
Traffic Light Help
Tree Curriculum Spell
Un-Ground Me Spell
Undo a Cord Spell
Undo a Poppet
Universal Telephone Line
Unjust Incarceration Spell
Vanilla Candle Spell
Virgo Energy Spell
Water Spell
Wax Talismans
Weight Loss
Weight Loss Candle Spell
Weight Loss Spell
Weight Spell
Winter Blues Banishment
Wisdom Lamp Spell
Witch's Handshake
Your Cold Heart Spell

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