Miscellaneous Information

10 Big Beginner Mistakes and Pitfalls
10 Questions You Should Be Able to Answer After a Year
13 Steps to Inner Control
22 Commandments for the New Age
A Fare-Thee-Well from Shadowpath Grove
A Garden Shed for a Temple
A History of Paganism
A Lesson in Faith
A Neo-Pagan Filmography- An Annotated List of Recommended Viewing
A Pledge to Pagan Spirituality
A Self-Exploration
A Spiritual Bath to Remove Negative Vibrations
All About Spells
Ancient Egyptian Metaphysics
Anger and Conflict Resolution
Anointing Points
Balancing of Energies
Basic Spell Construction
Blood Sacrifice
Blood Sacrifice
Blood Sacrifices, Spells and Charms
Book of Light Suggestions
Book of the Whole
Breaking the News
Burning Times
Calling All Crones
Charms and Symbols
Church of All Worlds Application
Coming of Age Ritual Notes
Craft Your Invocations
Cult Danger Evaluation Frame
Days of the Week
Defining Chaos
Drawing Down the Moon
Eight Gifts That Do Not Cost a Cent
Empowering a Symbol or Sigil
Ethics and Etiquette
Ethics or Etiquette
Face Reading
Finding a Teacher
Finding Your Magickal Name
Five Fold Kiss
Funeral Rites
Gender and Nature in Contemporary NeoPaganism
General Rules of Poppet Magick
Generic Pagan Funeral for an Elder Woman
Getting to Know the Face of Nature
Ghostly Connections
Ghostly Hauntings
Ghosts and Spirits
Giving Thanks
Giving the Offering
Glenn Innes Stones- The First Standing Stones of Modern Times
Group Ethics Rules
Helpful Magickal Tips to Start Anything
Helpful Ritual Hints
Hidden Codes in the Torah
Honoring and Communing with the Divine
How to Choose a Pagan Godparent
Hypnosis 101
Lay of the High One
Lessons You Will Not Find in Books
Life Cycle
Magickal Book Keeping
Matriarchy/Patriarchy Comparison Chart
Mead- The Brew of the Gods
Meaning of the Word Pagan
Memory, a Proposed New Model
Men vs. Women
Nine Easy Steps for Making a Magick Potion
Nine Noble Virtues
Notable and Quotable Quotes
Offerings Guide
Olympian Spirits
On the Nature of the Aether
On the Number 451
Overcoming Obstacles- A Gris-Gris Bag
Pagan Hints, Tips and Tricks
Pagan History
Pagan Manners
Past Lives
Personal Boundaries and Social Norms
Pompous Pagans- A Warning to All
Prayer to the Patron Deity
Quantum Mechanics and Some Surprises of Creation
Quick Money Tips
Random Ramblings
Responses to Nasty Fundies
Reversing the Spellwork of Another
Ritual Bathing
Ritual Theory and Technique
Seashells and Their Uses
Self-Defense and Banes
Signs and Symbols
Six Rules for Safer Pagan Sex- A Guide
Skyclad or Robed?
Solitary Power Exercise
Some Magickal Musical Selections
Sources and Resources for Asatru
Stir, Summon, or Call
Study Checklist
Talespinner's Neopagan Reading List
Tempest Smith
Temple Construction
Temples, Covens and Groves- Oh My!
Ten Signs of the Superior Person
The Affirmation of Acknowledgment
The Analysis of Handwriting- Graphology
The Angelic Presence
The AutonomatriX
The Battle for Your Mind- Persuasion & Brainwashing Techniques Being Used on the Public Today
The Blot
The Burning Times, Some "Facts"
The Dark Night of the Soul
The Emerald Tablet
The Ethics of Love Spells
The First Knowledge
The Four Adorations
The Four Powers of the Magus
The Four Soul-Types
The Heirophant
The Kitchen Magick School's Fragrant Oils
The Knots of Death
The Love of the Priest and the Priestess
The Meeting Dance
The Military Shrine
The Myceneaen Mysteries
The New Theology-Sheology- Mystical Women's Spiritual Movements, Gaining Momentum and Adherents
The Pagan Unity Ritual
The Pentacle
The Pentacle
The Pentagram
The Pentagram and What It Symbolizes
The Posture of Ecstasy
The Second Ritual for Bast
The Simple Feast
The Triangle of Solomon
Thirteen Questions
Thoughts on Fair Trade
To Know Thyself is to Know the Way
Treatise on Mind
Tree of Life
Weaving Webs
What is Paganism?
Where is the Church of All Worlds
Woman Versus Womyn
Writing Spells
Yin and Yang
Zen Gardening

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