Meeting Your Inner Guide

Before you attempt this guided visualization please read the information on the Guided Visualization page. Please arrange for someone to read this aloud to you or record it yourself before attempting.

Following the guide to relaxation on the Meditation page. Enter your Sanctuary. Allow the feelings of peace, tranquility and safety surround you. Know that you are about to embark on an amazing journey. Continue to feel completely calm and relaxed. Look around you, you see a flight of shallow, wide steps, they are leading away from your sanctuary, you look up the steps and see that they lead into a soft mist. You may not have noticed these steps before but be assured whatever form your sanctuary takes these steps lead from it. Walk over to the steps and stand at the foot of the stairs.

Do you want to go up them?

If the Answer is ‘yes’ then start to climb the steps, slowly climbing upwards, higher and higher, you will feel a deep sense of peace but at the same time expectation. The mist above you is glowing softly. As you climb you may see special objects or artifacts on the steps, take note of them as they may be important.

You begin to realize that you are getting to the top, now the mist is becoming thinner. You hear faint music, like distant bells or wind chimes. As you climb higher you can hear the music become clearer. It seems to be all around you and inside you, soft and gentle. It is like a waterfall, a rushing stream, a cascade of temple bells, yet it is still soft and gentle.

You find yourself at the top and the mist disappears. You find yourself in a lush meadow. The sun is shining, the grass is a lovely emerald green — all the clouds you see have an extra depth and beauty. Look around you and notice any plants, trees and animals. The music still surrounds you and you look ahead and see a glistening waterfall, cascading over rocks and running into a crystal clear river.

Someone is coming towards you from the direction of the waterfall. You feel a sense of warmth and recognition. This is your guide. Greet him or her and listen attentively to anything she/he has to say. This is your friend, guardian and spiritual mentor. Ask him/her any questions you wish.

Now pause for ten minuets. Relax and make no attempt to control what unfolds. Let everything develop in its own way.

It is time to leave. Listen to your guide’s final words. She/he may give you a gift or some special advice. This is something to treasure. You may wish to also give a gift — perhaps a pledge or mealy a thank you. Turn back into the mist and slowly walk down the steps you came up, carrying the gift, back into your sanctuary. When you reach your sanctuary find a special place to put your gift for safe keeping.

Now open your eyes and come back to everyday awareness. Be sure to write down everything you experienced. The guide that you met is your inner guide, a teacher who can help you with any issues that trouble you, from the most mundane to the most esoteric. Visit him/her frequently so that the relationship becomes deep — this is a very important step on your spiritual path, and you will some to look forward to these encounters with a deep joy.

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