Meditation is very good for relaxing and helps your concentration. It orders the mind and helps you to clear your thoughts. It is also good to do before, during or after the spell. I often use it as state for doing my spells, focusing on the object of the spell and chanting. It can also be used as a way of raising energy in a ritual.

It can be done sitting down with your legs crossed (lotus position), lying down or even standing up. I have actually done chakra meditation while walking along! You mostly have your eyes closed for meditation to keep out external distractions, but it is possible to do it with your eyes open. Make sure you meditate where there are going to be no distractions such as family, phones, TV etc. If you cannot find time in the day, you could meditate when everyone has gone to bed, just before you go to sleep.

Simple Meditation

It is best to start with a simple mind clearing exercise.

Sit or lie down, close your eyes and breathe deeply, slowly and regularly. Concentrate on your breathing making sure you keep it steady. Clear your mind of all thoughts. Stay in this state for about 5 minutes (don't bother with strict timing!). Then when you are ready, relax your body, breathe irregularly again and open your eyes. Don't come back to your normal state too fast, you could get quite a shock!

Practice this exercise when you can, gradually increasing the time you spend meditating until you can keep it for about 10 minutes.

Once you can do that, try meditating on an object, a purpose, or a feeling, so that when you empty your mind, bring up only that one thought and concentrate solely on that for your meditation.

Chakra Meditation

After you can do simple meditation quite well, there are many different things you can do in meditation. My personal favorite is Chakra Meditation, where you open your Chakras (energy centers) and use them.

Opening your Chakras

Opening your chakras is the first step to chakra meditation. First start meditating in the usual way, breathing deeply and steadily. When you feel ready, visualize a brown ball of swirling light at the base of your spine, pulling the energy from the earth into this ball until it grows stronger, more powerful and so it spins so fast you can't see it spin. Next draw the energy up into the next chakra, visualizing the red ball of light from you sacral chakra in the same way. Once this has reached full strength, continue onto the next in the same way. Continue this until all your chakras are visualized as swirling balls of colorful light.

Energizing your Chakras

The next step is to energize your chakras. Pull the energy up your body through the root chakra, all the way up to the crown chakra, where you imagine it bursting out of the top of your head. Repeat several times, each time increasing the energy in your chakras. I find this is very useful to do before you do something mentally, physically or spiritually demanding, as it gives you a great euphoric feeling of energy, but you must close them before doing anything like that, or you will lose all your energy.

Closing your Chakras

To close your chakras, imagine the crown chakras white, pure light coming down and closing the other chakras, until they are not visible anymore. Do one chakra at a time, each time going back to the crown chakra for more light. When you reach the root chakra, don't close it, but keep it open with the crown chakra, to absorb energy from your surroundings. Slowly come out of your meditation and regain your consciousness. You will feel very energized and happy.

Centering and Grounding

To "center" stand, sit, or lay (the later is the most often advised) with your back very straight. Do not cross your legs or lean on anything unless it helps you keep your spine straight. Keep your head straight and face forward. This is an essential first step in all meditation and trance work.

To "ground" visualize all of the stress flowing out of your body and feel strength coming up to your from the Earth so that you begin to feel a connection with the Earth.

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