Meditation Tips

If you are a Wiccan, you should try and meditate on a regular basis. Put it into your daily routine, you only need to set aside 10-20 minutes for it. But if you are experienced, you may do it for a longer period of time. It may seem tough at first, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes quite easy. It has been proven that meditation helps with a numerous amount of things, like Depression, Brain Health, Mental Health, and overall happiness. I will show you some tips to get you going on working meditation into your life.

Time: If you are going to start meditating, you must have the time to. Beginners at meditation should start out at 10-15 minutes, then work their way up. Some people can go up too 2 hours meditating. So make a change in your daily routine/schedule for meditation to get started.

Place: You cannot meditate in a noisy environment. You must be in a place where you cannot be bothered from distractions like your phone, friends, or family. You must be by yourself and not be disturbed all the way through your meditation session. Most people prefer to be outside if you are a nature person, just make sure there’s no people around you to bother you.

Posture: Sit criss-cross in a level position, with your spine up straight. This step is crucial for the deep breathing. If your posture is not correct, you won't be able to take as deep breaths as you would when you have correct posture, so try and get your back in a straight position, but not to where it's uncomfortable. Sit your hands on your knees to where they are just resting.

Relaxation: This step is also crucial, you must make sure that every joint, every bone, every muscle and part of your body is relaxed. Just take a deep breath and relax everything.

Focus on Breathing: Start taking deep breaths. As you do this, visualize inhaling all of the good, and exhaling all of the bad things inside of you. Start a breathing pattern and keep doing this. Visualize a place that comforts you and try and get relaxed as possible. Think positive and slowly drift away. If you'd prefer music, listen to music. But make sure its calming, relaxing music with no unexpected beats or instruments that may distract you. I suggest Pandora's station "Calm Meditation". But make sure you have AdBlock installed on your computer so the Ads don't disturb you every 10 minutes. Clear your mind.

Coming Back: If you keep doing breathing exercises and clearing your mind, you will start to drift away off of reality. After awhile, when you feel ready to come back, start breathing a little shallower, and slowly open your eyes. Do not just stand up, as you may get dizzy and lightheaded. Open your eyes and adjust back. When you are ready, slowly stand up and go along with your day!

Congratulations! You've completed your first meditation session. Hopefully it was enjoyable and you will keep doing it. Good luck and blessed be!

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