Meditation for the Dawn


  • Proper dress for the climate
  • 1 white seven-day candle
  • Lighter
  • Your divination tool

Carefully select a special card, lot (if you are using runes), or symbol from your divination tool that best describes something that you would like to accomplish in the future. Check the newspaper or almanac to determine when the sun will rise on the day you choose to do this magick meditation. On the chosen day, sit outside facing east with the unlit candle before you.

Take several deep breaths and relax. Ground and center. Close your eyes and connect with the nature around you: the trees, grass, perhaps ocean and sand. If you are in the city, don't despair: the earth is under you, there are birds and squirrels, maybe a window-box or even a coffee can with flowers, and the sky above. Nature is there, even if she is hidden by concrete, macadam, and stone. Slowly, you will feel the nature spirits around you, which will fill you with a pleasing, peaceful sensation.

As the sun begins to peek over the horizon, hold your candle up to the light so that the ball of the sun (in your view) sits on the unlit wick. Blow one soft, deep breath onto the candle. Close your eyes and ask for the blessings of Spirit on this new day, on your life in general, and on your specific request. Lower the candle and light the wick. Set the burning candle in front of you, on top of or near the divinatory representation you brought with you.

Close your eyes and connect with your Spirit helpers. This could be the angels, a totem animal, or your support group on the other side of the veil. Suddenly, where you are sitting will feel crowded, and that's perfect. You'll feel love all around you. You may also plug into other souls who are doing the exact same thing that you are: communing with Spirit and sunrise. You may see (in your mind) someone sitting on a hill in an unpopulated area, or perhaps you will connect with someone standing on top of a tenement building. The name or the face doesn't matter; the communion with the divine does.

When you are finished, take the candle inside and allow it to burn continuously in a safe place. If you aren't allowed to have candles, you can still do this meditation and use your divinatory tool. Simply hold the tool toward the sun as you would the candle. You may like this meditation so much that you practice it at sunrise on a regular basis.

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