Meditation for Beginners
  1. Meditation is not always about stilling the mind so that you think of nothing. Give up on that idea and the rest is easy.
  2. The first trick is to breathe normally, don't try to control your breathing — just relax into your breath Keep your breathing natural. The more experienced meditater will take control of the breath but at this stage it is pointless.
  3. When you are relaxed and breathing normally — imagine that you are sending the breath to different parts of your body. Send it to your palms, the soles of your feet, your of the body, if your mind strays don't get frustrated or give up, just bring your mind gently back to focusing on that particular part of your body. If it helps try seeing the breath as a color moving through your body.
  4. When you have sent the breath throughout your physical body, imagine breathing in the air through your skin of your whole body, and feel it go out the same way, as if your body is a huge lung.
  5. Finally the images will start to come into your mind, it might be color, people, pictures of all sorts, allow these images to just flow over you. Don’t try to control them or mentally comment on them. Just allow the thoughts and images to be.
  6. Now this is when you can tell your mind what you want it to show you. You can ask it questions, for example if you are meditating on colors, you might ask "show me the color of happiness", You might want to ask something about your life, 'show me how to find love'. Just ask the question you need answered, ask it often and in different ways. Ask them in your mind, of course, hearing your own voice might snap you out of your meditative state.
  7. Now you have to let the images come, try and see each one as it appears, and as you see it acknowledge what you have seen, for example: "Ooohh yes a yellow bird, I see it", then let the image float away.
  8. Your mind is filled with images all day long and you ignore most of them, meditating is about giving them space and controlling what you want to see. When your mind wanders, bring it back to the focus. Tell it as often as you want what it is you are wanting to see/know/feel.
  9. When you feel ready, come back to this space and open your eyes, have paper and pen handy and write everything you can remember — even if you think it is stupid or irrelevant. This is very important, I am a big believer in writing and recording as much of your Magickal life as possible. The reason being that as you record the events they become more firmly embedded in your psyche and you are able to get a greater understanding of the events and yourself. Plus it gives a more scientific basis to your magickal practices.
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