Meaning of the Numbers 1 through 9
Number Key Words Color(s) Stone(s) Sign(s)
1 Beginning, Individual, Independent, Leadership, Courage, Initiation Red, garnet Ruby Aries
2 Gentle, Sensitive, Harmonious, Balanced, Cooperative, Loving Orange, gold, peach Moonstone, gold Libra
3 Self-expression, Creative, Enthusiastic, Imaginative, Optimistic, Childlike Yellow Topaz Leo
4 Solid, Stable, Traditional, Practical, Cautious, Hard working Green Jade, emerald Taurus
5 Freedom-loving, Risk-taking, Change, Quick-thinking, Communication, Youthful Turquoise Aquamarine, turquoise Gemini
6 Nurturing, Family, Balance, Duty, Love, Service to others Royal blue, indigo Pearl, sapphire Cancer, Libra
7 Solitary, Mystical, Philosophical, Private, Perfectionist, Inventor Violet, purple Amethyst, alexandrite Pisces, Virgo, Scorpio
8 Power, Money, Vision, Achievement, Strength, Organization Pink, rose Diamond, rose quartz Capricorn
9 Completion, Perfection, Compassion, Forgiveness, Dramatic, Spiritual, Idealism White Opal Scorpio, Pisces
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