Mayan Deities
Key Scale Mayan Deities Explanation
0 Itzam Na This deity encompasses all deities yet this Deity is beyond all comprehension.
1 Itzam Na "One" or "unique" He is the greatest of the Gods. Hunab Ku "All powerful God of no Image" I listed this deity although information shows this deity did not exist until after the Spanish Conquest. It probability came about due to christian influence.
2 Ohoroxtotil Father of the Sun. Ben Ich "He of the Starry Sky" He is a great infinite Jaguar (his spots are thought to be stars and planets).
3 Ix Chebel Yax Mother of the Sun. Ix Hun Zipit Lady of the Sea.
4 Kunku Chacs 'Kun' means "kindly" or "tender" 'Ku' means "God".
5 Ah Hadz'en Caan Chacs "Lash" The Sky God.
6 Ah Kin "He of the Sun".
7 Ix Ahau "Mistress" She is the Mistress of Creative Arts and the Master of Weaving (she like Athene, in the Greek myths, worked her magick on the loom).
8 Ah Kin As the Patron of Knowledge and Power.
9 XAhau "Lady Ahau" Moon Goddess Wife of Ah Kin (the Sun God).
10 Cobel Cab Mistress of the Earth. Ix Tan Dz'onot. The Child of She who Sits in the Mud, the Child of She who emerges from the Sand.
11 Acan God of Wine (Actually he rules over intoxicating drinks such as beer, wine, Kola, etc.) He is known for his loud "bellowing" and his foolish behavior He is Cacoch's aid (Cacoch is a God of Creation).
12 Ah Kin Xoc 'Ah kin' means "Priest". 'Xoc' means "to count or read". He is a great singer, musician, and poet. He won the respect of the Sun God when he took the guise of a Hummingbird and wooed the Moon Goddess. Husband of the Plumeria, the sacred flower of Itzam Na (this flower rules Divine Sexuality, its colors are red and white). This Flower contained the secret of Truth and Immortality.
13 Ix Chel Moon Goddess She rules over Pro-creation, birth, medicine, and wisdom. She is a Virgin but she had a secret cult which she is regarded as a Sacred Mistress to Itzam Na.
14 Ix Ahau Na "Palace-Lady".
15 Canan Chul Chan Guardian of Holy Sky. "Big Star".
16 Itzam Na Kinch Ahau Old Sun God of balanced judgment. Ruler of the Bacabs (Elements).
17 Xbalanque & Hunahpu Twin Heroes Brothers who heard the Divine Call of Itzam Na which lead them to destroy the False Ones who had exalted themselves and deceived some Mayas to worship them; and defeated the Lords of Death.
18 Nucuch Chacob "The Great Chacs" Four horsemen who are the Rain Gods. They bring Water of Life from the Gods to the Maya.
19 Balanke "Jaguar-Sun" This aspect of the Sun is the essence of Strength (warrior-type strength). He is considered a Great Breast. All His Priests and Priestesses are His harlots.
20 Xob Mother of Maize. All Maize Deities sprang from Her seed (literally corn seed).
21 Ek Chuah He is the Merchant Deity, but most importantly is ruled the cacao which was the Mayan's biggest trade commodity.
22 Itzam Na As Great God who oversees Justice between the Gods and the Mayan who worships the Gods.
23 Ku Kulcan The Aztecs called Him "Quetzalcoatl". He is the God of Self-sacrifice which was done so the Maya could survive and gain acknowledgement of Itzam Na. Some myths place Him as the Judge of the dead (but I would take this with a gain of salt).
24 Yum Cimil "Lord of Death".
25 Zip Protector of the Deer (according to myth the Deer created the Vagina of the Moon Goddess by stepping on Her abdomen and then she was able to bear children of the Sun God. Note the sole of deer's foot looks like a Vagina). Zip would deceive hunters to believe he was shooting a deer when in fact it was a iguana (a sacred animal of Itzam Na; to kill one incites the Death penalty). To those who gained Zip's Favor meant a successful hunt.
26 Ah Ahaah Cab "Awakener" He is associated with the Morning Star (Venus).
27 Cit Chac Coh "Father Red Great Puma" The Lord God of War. Buluc Chabtan — The God of Human Sacrifice and War.
28 Bolon Tzcab The Ruling-Lineage Deity. He kept the Line of Itzam Na pure and made sure the Nobility of the Maya was strong.
29 XAhau As Moon Goddess.
30 Kinich Ahau "Sun-Eyed Lord" It is said He had a golden Sun eye (some say it was almond eye) at the place of His Ajna Chakra.
31 Hun Kak "Unique Fire" The Divine Fire that consumes all what ever remains is prepared for Divinity.
32 Ben Ich "He of the Starry Sky"
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