Making Your Own Yule Candle


  • Eleven pound slab of wax (not all will be used)
  • Old coffee can or melting pot for melting the wax
  • A sauce pan that the old can will fit into
  • A mold (purchased or another coffee can, lined with corrugated card)
  • Wax coloring or several crayons
  • Candle wicking
  • Ice pick
  • Hot pads or oven mitts
  • Knife
  • Stirring spoon or stick
  • Basin of hot water
  • Optional candle scenting

The Method
To determine how much wax will be needed, pour water into your mold. Pour this water carefully into your melting pot. This will give you an idea how high up the sides of the melting pot that the molten wax will need to be. Discard the water, and dry the melting pot and mold thoroughly.

Cut three wicks two to three inches longer than the candle will be when finished. Lay aside.

Cut the wax into chunks, and place them into the old coffee can. Place the coffee can into a saucepan and add hot water to the sauce pan to make a 'waterbath'.

Over a low flame, melt the wax.

When the wax is nearly all in a liquid state, dip the candle wicking into it. Lay each strand out straight to harden.

Next, shave the wax coloring into the molten wax. Stir gently. When the wax is melted, pour it carefully into the mold. (Reserve some of the wax, as it will 'shrink')

Allow the candle to sit undisturbed for four to six hours.

When the mold is just warm to your touch, use the ice pick to make three holes in the center (about an inch apart, and at least one and a half inches from the candle's edges.)

Insert the wax-stiffened wicks into the ice pick holes.

Reheat the reserved wax and pour it over the candle, filling in the wick areas and any depressions made by the wax shrinkage. (Not down the sides)

Allow the candle to cool completely. To remove it from the mold, place the can into a basin of hot water. The sides will melt, releasing the candle.

Trim the wicks to around three eighths of an inch.

Allow the candle to thoroughly cure before using.


  • If the candle seems dull, dip it into hot water for a moment to 'reglaze'.
  • Using the heated tip of an ice pick make designs in the sides of the candle.
  • Decorate by pressing Holly (or other dried or hardy plants) into the sides. (Dip the candle in hot water to soften, using the hot awl to make 'channels' for the stems or berries to be inserted into.) Brush a thin clear paraffin glaze over all.
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