Making Your Own Magick Wand

You can make your wand from holly or any wood you want. They are easy and fun to construct.

Begin by timing the cutting of your wand after the moon has gone dark, on the day of a new moon, or up to three days following. Timing the cutting in this way will give the right amount of "curing" time.

Begin by finding a living tree to cut your wand from. If the tree is on someone else's property, ask permission first. Cut only as much of the branch as you need. Fruit-bearing trees such as apple work well, as do ash, oak and madrone. You can use just about any wood for your wand, but remember, each wood has different qualities. So select a wood that matches the purpose of your wand.

Before you cut your wand, get to know the tree. Sit under the tree and notice everything about it: its bark, trunk, branches, leaves, scent, and even the sound of its voice as the wind moves through its branches.

Next, walk around the tree clockwise three times. As you do this, ask if you can have a branch from its body. You will get some sense of yes or no. If you sense a no, find another tree, and ask again. If you get a yes, then dig a small hole in the ground at the trees base. Pour an offering such as honey and milk into the hole, and thank the tree spirit.

Cut the branch for your wand by snapping it off the tree or carefully cutting it with sharp pruning cutters, a bolline, small ax, or similar tool. Be careful not to cut yourself. The size of your wand is based on the length of your arm. Measure from the outside bend of your elbow to the tip of your fingers.

Take your wand indoors, and use your bolline or other knife to strip off the bark and shape the wand. Do not soak the wand in water to remove the bark. Merge with the Air element when you are working on your wand to strengthen its magickal power. Save all of the bark shavings, putting them on a piece of newspaper or a cloth. Then, leave the stripped wand outside or in a window in the moonlight for a full moon cycle, new to full, working on it a little each day.

During the next twenty-eight days, visit the tree you took your wand from and sprinkle the bark shavings around the base of the tree. Do this in a clockwise circle, and thank the tree again. Sing a blessing, a favorite song, or chant to the tree as you walk around it.

Once the bark has been stripped off your wand, and the wood has dried, seal it with scented oil. Again, match the scent to the wand's magickal qualities. After you oil it, use your bolline or knife to carve the wand's name on it. Then, either leave your wand natural or decorate it. For example, you can fasten a crystal in the tip, or cover the wand's body in strips of fabric, or attach feathers, shells, and small bells to it.

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