Making Your Own Magick Cloak

The easiest cloak to make is by cutting out a large square or rectangular piece of fabric. Hem it all the way around. The cloak can be draped, and then pinned at the shoulders with a large broach. Your cloak can also double as a meditation blanket. The beauty of this type of cloak is it can be recycled into something else when you find a fitted cloak you like better.

You can also make a poncho-like cloak by cutting a large circle of fabric out of the middle of your originally square or rectangular cloth and then cutting a neck hole in it where your head goes. This is a good choice for children because it's easy to make and there are not fastenings. For adults, you will need to piece fabric yardage together to get a diameter that is twice the length you want. If you cut the neck hole off center, your cloak will have a defined front and back to it.

The half-circle cloak is another option. Made from a half-circle of fabric, with the diameter twice the desired length, it hangs off your shoulders. Use frog fasteners, a buckle, or a large broach to fasten your cloak. Ribbon ties don't work well because they have a tendency to choke you when the cloak slips back.

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