Making Your Own Magick Broom

You can make your own magick broom. Your besom won't physically fly through the air, but it can be used for protection, sweeping negativity away, and astral projection. A state-of-the-aft witch's besom sports a superfine handle of ash, treated with consecrated ritual oil, with the broom's name hand-carved on it. Each individually selected broom straw is chosen for its strength and beauty. Follow these nine easy steps to make your own magick broom.

Begin by selecting the wood for your broom. Traditional choices include ash, birch, willow, oak, and pine.

Next, saw a branch to just the length you need (the length is dependent upon your height). Do this carefully so you don't damage the tree. Remember to thank the tree spirit for the branch.

Use your bolline or another knife to carve your broom's name on it with runes, symbols, or letters.

Rub scented oil that's been consecrated, on the broom staff to seal it.

You can make the broom straws out of straw, wheat, lavender, or heather, to name a few. They need to be about half the length of the broom staff. Carefully select the broom straws for their strength. When cutting the straws, add about two inches. If you use straw, soak the straws in water to make them more flexible.

Assemble the broom straws around the branch, making the stalk tips even. Also, make sure the straw is equally distributed around the broom staff.

With the added two inches of straw, bind the broom straw to the staff with flexible willow branches or strong twine.

You can decorate your broom by adding things to it such as feathers, beads, acorns, or small pine cones.

When you want to use your besom, stand in the center of your magick circle and move clockwise, using your broom to sweep from the center outward. With each sweeping motion, imagine the area being washed energetically with a cobalt blue light, while saying something like:
"Swept out evil, sweep out ill,
Where I do the Lady's will.
Besom, besom, Lady's broom,
Sweep out darkness, sweep out doom.
So be it! Blessed be!"

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