Making Fairy Houses

Fairy houses are easy to construct and don’t cost a lot of money. You can use making fairy houses as a rainy day project.

Begin by buying small, unfinished bird houses from a craft store. Make sure that they do not have many holes in the sides that will allow water in.

Remove the roof from the fairy house. If it is nailed or glued, you can knock it off with a hammer and glue it back later.

Paint the inside of the house any way that you wish. It can have pictures on the walls or mirrors. Dollhouse furniture can be useful for your fairy house project. Sprinkle glitter on the inside walls of the house. Make little pillows out of lovely silk or satin cloth. You can decorate the cushions with beads, sequins or glitter. Place tiny gifts inside the house such as iridescent marbles or little glass pieces. Fairies love anything shiny.

On the outside of the house you can use tempera paints to paint it any way you want. You can paint it to look like bricks or stone or paint ivy growing up the sides. Paint the roof to look thatched or shingled. After the house is painted, coat it with at least four layers of shellac to keep it from fading and to keep the rain out.

Buy a piece of round flat wood to use as a door. It should be slightly larger than the opening in the fairy house. You should also buy a small hinge and a tiny latch to close the door. These can also be purchased from craft stores. Placing a door on the house will keep rain, insects, spiders, and birds out so that the fairies will be able to use it. Paint the door and shellac it. Attach the door with the hinge so that it opens and closes. Then fit the latch on the outside so that the door can be closed and locked. You might also wish to place the roof on with hinges so that it can be opened and cleaned once a year.

Place the houses in your garden where you feel they will be slightly hidden.

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