Making an Altar

An altar serves as a conscious reminder that you are a spiritual being. In the home, it can provide a sacred space for you to meditate, to pray and even to perform rituals.

Find a quiet space in your home where you can place your altar. If possible, have it face North. Trust yourself and use your intuition to find the 'right' place for it.

Cleanse and bless the space by sprinkling salt water, burning sage or ringing a clear bell.

Ask the spirits of the North, East, South and West to guard this sacred space.

Ask the Goddess and God to bless your altar space.

Place a low table or box in the spot.

Cover the table with a special cloth. You get to decide what makes it special.

Place your pentacle, a stone or a bowl of salt on the northern side of your altar. This represents Earth energy.

Place an incense burner, a feather or your wand on the eastern side of your altar. This represents Air energy.

Place a candle or your athame at the southern side of your altar. This represents Fire energy.

Place your chalice, a seashell or a bowl of water on the western side of your altar. This represents Water energy.

If you have statues that represent the Goddess or God, place them on the altar. You can also use candles, stones or any other objects that feel right.

If you have any other object that you associate with your spiritual practice, find a place for it on your altar. You might add Tarot cards, Runes, your Book of Shadows or your journal.

You have just created your altar. Enjoy it and use it well!


  • Feel free to improvise with your altar. It is your personal expression of your relationship with the Divine. Keep it as ornate or as simple as you like.
  • Respect your altar as sacred space and ask others to do the same. Don't allow random objects to be placed on it.
  • If you live with people who are uncomfortable with paganism, you can make your altar inconspicuous by keeping it on top of your bureau. Or, make your entire room an altar!
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